Dizzy spells

Hi everyone.

I had a phone call from a friend last night. Our conversation got onto her feeling dizzy this last week. Without knowing a great deal about her whole week and what she eats, we discussed what could be the cause.

Without forcing anything onto her I suggested that firstly go to the doctors.
But it could be either diet related or something to do with inner ear or another health related issue. Personally I think it is diet, as she has had some health issues only since she has started exercising.

My thoughts are.

Low Iron - her last blood test from doctor showed this was on the low side of ok.

Blood sugar levels

And not eating enough.

May suggestions where to include another meal eating meat, preferably red (currently only meal with meat is Dinner - which is mostly Chicken)

Increase Breakfast - cereal and soy milk
and add to snack of fruit into diet.

Lunch is generally yoghurt and salad

Dinner is Vegetables and meat.

Her doctor suggested she hasn’t been eating enough. I tend to agree.

Does anybody else have ideas.

And does all that seem reasonably. I haven’t had to deal too much with eating except my own.


How old is she?

She is 30.

Has been going to gym 4 times a week for about 6 months. This is really her first time of formal exercise for probably 5 or more years.