DIY Pre-performance soccer supp

Ok, Im looking into creating a pre performance supp for soccer. I don’t like paying over the odds for pre-mixed supps. I would like to be able to mix it with water and ingest around 1-hr prior to performace. Im considering adding Dextrose, Caffeine, Tyrosine, Carnitine etc. Not to sure about amounts i should be using and optimal ingredients? anyone got any ideas or succesfull “custom drinks” of there own?? regards.

What’s the reason for the dextrose?
No23 would be a good one to address this.

i was thinking of adding a carbohydrate for increase in blood glucose levels prior to performance. i will be grateful for any comments, anyone currently make there own?

I would experiment with caffiene, tyrosine, and Alcar 1 hour to 45 mins pre game.

That will allow the spike to hit at the right time.

I would avoid sugars such as dextrose that far out as some guys crash but include immediately pre-game and half time.

More important is the diet the day before and that morning.

There are up to 9 supps you could include but it depends on the level of game/competition and state of the athlete.

Thanks i will have a go with three mentioned, what kind of quantitys would you recommend? it is for personal use, in county standard soccer (which is an ok standard not elite). What other supps would you consider adding?
how much (dextrose, fructose or maltodextrin?) do you believe should be ingested immediately prior to the game and at half time?
Thanks for your help, hopefully i can give my team an edge.