dix 9.86 at 2012 Mt. Sac



Thx for the other angle

Also notice that the wind was +2.4, so the result was not quite as good as it appears, but essentially on a par with Yohan Blake’s time earlier.

Yea but to open up with a damn near PB is quite impressive. Wind or not.
He looked a lot like gat toward the end of the race.

He got blasted in the start - wind or not - coming back from the back of the pack after 20m and destroyed em is great going

Yes he did. I’m looking for a nice and interesting Olympic trials. I hope gay is healthy.

Problem for Gay is that the recovery from surgery has been shaky. He’s had a couple of steps backward and just started training on the track recently (earlier this month). His goal now is to have a time trial in early May and then only one race before the Olympic Trials. It really looks more like he won’t be all the way back until next year, but he still ran 9.79 last year with the injury, so we’ll see. But even if he can run one good (enough) effort, it doesn’t mean he can run 3 of them in 2 days at OT. And good enough is…with maybe two guys capable of 9.85, and another 2 or 3 capable maybe of 9.95 or a bit better…just making the relay pool isn’t going to be easy.

But if Gay does get close to what he was before injuries, and Dix and Gatlin can go 9.85, the 4X100 is going to be interesting.

On the subject of 4X100, see the anchor leg by Allyson Felix:


Two hurdlers on the team and on consecutive weekends they have run times that likely would have medaled in Deagu.

Yea that was an outrageous leg by Felix. That was the type of run that makes the other chick go into hiding.