Discussion Contest?

gasp a real discussion suggestion? Yes it’s true. :smiley:

What if we were to have a discussion contest? Every week the “runner-person-chairmen-guy” of the contest posts the subject. It’s ambigious and can be argued “for” or “against” or argued in a million other ways. People are scored on the value of their input and the depth of their research. A person’s post doesn’t necessarily have to be “right” (or agree with any particular training philosophy) but as long as their reasoning is sound and the evidence they present is convincing they should get some points.

The contest winner gets like a complementary virtual t-shirt.

I’ve tried to avoid specifics with my post until I get some feedback. Testing the waters sort of speak. Personally I think it would be a great way to get people studying learning and applying their knowledge of our GREAT sport.

As long as the subjects are kept broad enough the super-edumacated can keep up with the lamen (like myself) and everyone can get involved.

Good Idea? Bad Idea? Too much work?

:smiley: Hi Palmtag

We will be running lots of contests over the summer. If all goes well, you may even get a shot at winning a new car (thanks to our good friends at Ford).

Its tough to call a discussion contest, think it out a bit and private message me your plan. We have a debate section, maybe we could do something there?


Are you proposing a WET (“testing the waters”) VIRTUAL T-SHIRT COMPETITION?