Dirtyolprorunners training

09/09 Gym
Bench 4x3 @ 80%
Dips 2 x 12
Chins (Weighted) 4 x 6
Hang Snatch 3 x 8 (Light, focus on fast)
Push Press 3 x 8
Step Ups (w/ Med Ball)
Rev hypers 4 x 12

10/09 Track - speed Endurance
6 x 150 w/ Walk back recov.

2nd 150, 2nd stride -CALF TEAR!
[Gone for at least 2 months]
Home to ice[ended up being for 10 hours on 1st day and crutches]

12/09 Ice

13/09 Spedd Ball 6 x 2 minrounds (1 min recov)
[no weight on Calf]
iced calf

14/09 Super set w/ Bike (light resis and cadence0
10 x 20 sec
Run arms 5 x 20 (weighted)
Abs swiss ball

15/09 Gym - Legs/Abs
Leg Ext
Leg Press 4 x 15
Rev Hypers

16/09 Abs/Run Arms super set

17/09 Gym
Bench Press 4 x 3 @ 85%
Dips 2 x 12
Chins (weighted) 4 x 6
Bent over rows 3 x 10
Speed Ball 6 x 2 min roundsd (1 min recov)

18/09 rest/ice/stretch

19/09 Speed Ball
6 x 2 min rounds (1 min recov)

Gym - Super set Bi curls 5 x 10
CAlf raises (body weight) 5 x 20
Swiss ball abs
Pool sesh -water running

20/9 Bike/Speed Ball

6 x 2 min Speed Ball (1 min recov)

Bike 2 x 5 x 20 sec (2 min recov b/w reps) flat nakker
s/s Abs cruch/hip lift/oblique med ball seated twists

Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for the last week. Work has had me all over Australia from Perth to Sydney to Cairns more than usual this last week. Combating this, and my calf injury (which is improving, and I should be jogging next week!!!) is taking up all of my time. However, I will be on annual leave for a week and a half next week, so I will put my new laptop to use and write up exacty what my training has been up to over the last few weeks. Lots of fitness, bike sessions, pool sessions, speed ball and abs.
Will talk soon.
(By the way, I started a thread a few months ago regarding your work/study status;- what you do, and how this effects your training. Would still be interested on hearing your thoughts.
By the way, I’m a Flight Attendent for a major domestic airline.)

Calf is coming along nicely. Am back jogging, and slowly progressing every day. Very fit. busting my ass on the bike and in the pool, as well as loads of speed ball, weights and Ab work. Shouldn’t be too long after I get back onto the track that I’m back where I left off.

Speed Ball 6 x 3 min rounds (1 min recov)
Treadmill jog - 10 mins
Pool Session - Deep water running
5 x 10 sec (10 sec rec)
1 min
5 x 20 sec (20 sec recov)
2 min
5 x 30 sec (30 sec recov)
2 min
5 x 20 sec (20 sec recov)
1 min
5 x 10 sec (10 sec recov)

Stretch, ice calf, ems on calf

Speed Ball 6 x 3min 1min recov (flying on the Speed Bal now!!!)
Tread mill JOg - 10 min. (Calf is coming along great)
Pool session - (Deep water running)
5 x 10sec, 10 sec rec
5 x 20sec, 20 sec rec
5 x 30sec, 30 sec rec
5 x 20sec, 20 sec rec
5 x 10sec, 10 sec rec

Speed Ball as above

8/10 day off re work

9/10 Speed BAll as above

15 min tread mill jog
Gym - session 2 of 2
Leg Press (1 leg)
3 x 12 (fast)
Hang snatch
3 x 8
Bent over rows
3 x 10
Push Press
4 x 6 (fast)
Hip Machine
3 x 12 (light/fast)
Dips (for chest stretch…deep dips)
3 x 12
Abs super set w/ calf raises (body weight)
5 sets

11/10 Week 1 of track running
(It has been 5 weeks since I tore my right calf (grade 2)
Jogging is fine, so this week will be the 1st week back running on the track. A bit apprehensive, but I guess i’d better take the bull by the horns.
This injury, if nothing else, has been a fantastic learning experience, which will only add to my own training knowledge, and teach me train “smarter”, and that sometimes “less is more”.

Speed Ball as above
Treadmill jog 10 min
Bike session
5 x 20sec high gear flat out cadence 2 min recov.
Abs super set w/ Calf raises 5 sets of (body weight calf raises)

Deep tissue mass on calves/ Stretch.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: 13/10 - Back on the track today!!! Ah, the smell of tartan!!!
Good warm up, massage, stretch and light drills.
4 x 100 tempo (25 sec reps) - very excited!!!
Nearly went 6 x, but err on the side of caution and conservativness for now.

Speed ball 6 x 3 min (1 min recov) 600 hits for 3 min rounds.
Abs Super sets 5 sets Chinnies and Swiss Ball core exercises.

Great day!

Speed Ball
Pool Session
(played golf this morning, so calves were a little tired during warmup)

Gym session
10 min treadmill jog /stretch
1 leg Leg press 3 x 12
Hang Snatch 3 x 6
Bent over Rows 3 x 10
Push Press 4 x 6 (fast)
Hip Machine 3 x 12 (fast)
Dips 3 x 12
Ab super set

Tempo on Grass
6 x 100 (21 - 19 sec)
Ab super set
[CAlf felt quite good- very tentative though]

17/10 DAy off

Speed Ball session
Tempo - synthetic
6 x 100 (20 - 17 sec)
Ab super set

Gym/Speed ball session
Treadmill /stretch
Leg press 6 x 4
Power Clean 4 x 3
Bench Press 6 x 4
Rev Leg Press 3 x 10
Chins (weighted) 4 x 6
Walking Lunges
Ab super set


Speed Ball session
Abs super set w/Single leg calf raises

Tempo -synthetic
6 x 100 (19-17 sec)
Ab super set.
[Calf starting to feel good- iced when returned home]

22/10 Gym 2

Speed Ball 6 x 3min (1 min)

*5 min treadmill & stretch
*1 Legged Leg Prs 3 x 12 (fast)

  • Hang Snatch 3 x 8
  • Bend over Rows 3 x 10
  • Push Press 4 x 6 (fast)
  • Hip Machine 3 x 12 (fast)
  • Dips 3 x 12
    *Ab circuit


Track - Tempo

  • 6 x 120m (25 - 22)
    w/ s/s Ab circuit
    *Speed Ball 6 x 3min / 1 min

[iced calves after.
calves pulled up well]

Day off

Tempo for week - 1920m
Abs - 1980
Speed Ball - 5

[Great week. calf has improved out of sight. Won’t be long before I strap on the spikes!]

Week 7 after calf tear

Track-Tempo / Bike session

  • Speed Ball 6 x 3m /1m
    *Tempo - (grass) 6 x 120m (24.5-22.3)
    *Abs s/s w/ Tempo
  • Bike session (cadence) 5 x 20 sec / 2 min recov.


Gym 1

*Speed Ball 6 x 3m / 1m
Tread mill 5 min/stretch
*Leg Press 6 x 5 @ 320 KG
*Power Cleans 4 x 3 @ 60, 80, 85, 85kg
*Bench Press 6 x 5 @ 80kg (1 min recov)
*Rev Leg Press 3 x 10 (fast)
*Chins (weighted) 4 x 6 w/10 , 12.5kg x 3
*Walking Lunges 3 x 5
*Ab circuit


Day off re. work

[flew 3 flights ending up in Sydney late tonight. Light massage and stretch in hotel room]


[flew from Sydney to Perth today Felt quite fatigued after the flight. Caught the bus 25min to the stadium for tmpo and ab circuit]

*8 x 120m tempo walkback recov (23.7-22sec)
*S/S ab circuit
[bit tentative with calf as flight fatigued me a bit]


Spped Ball/Abs

[flew 3 flights/(sectors) home to Brisbane today. Arrived home late, so was quite tired.
*Speed Ball 6 x 3m /1m recov
*Ab circuit


Track -Tempo

*10 x 120 tempo (walkback recov) (21.5-19.8sec)
[Felt great, almost like a normal runner today! Calf was great! was planning to head to the gym to do a session, but decided to err on the side of conservative. Will Gym 2 / bike sesson tomorrow].
*Speed Ball 6 x 3m/1m recov
Ab circuit.


Sorry to drag this one up from grave.

Just wondering if you could shed some light on your pro running experiences? (Stawell, Bay Sheffield, ?)

Did you train mostly on grass or track? How did you find the rollover between the two surfaces? Did you transition between surfaces closer to competition dates?

How did you find the strength requirements running on grass as apposed to track (ankle/foot strength?) ?

Most appreciate anything you have to share. :slight_smile: