Dimas is a freak!


PowerJerking such a load…


when I grow up I want to be like Dimas :clap:

My goodness that was incredible. I can see why you want to be like him.

btw…who’s the hottie (avatar). Wait a sec… I’m engaged now. My bad!

that dude got some buldging a$$ thighs man… sh*tttttttt. how much weight was that and how big is this guy?

I am with you Jimbo: the link isn’t working for me.

Right click on the link and save it guys :slight_smile:

He competes in the 85kg class - he is about 172cm tall.
Well the red plates are 25kg each, yellow ones are 15kg and the bar 20kg (I think)
so it’s at least 440lbs…that’s what I call power! And strength too :slight_smile:

I have no idea how he can support that overhead!

Balance - She’s someone I like to hug tightly :baddevil::

Need I say more?

David W~ How would you suggest that someone interested in powerlifting gets started? is there a form of ‘tempo’ within this form of exercise? I am sure periodization plays a huge role. Any info would be great, thanks,


Have a look at http://www.elitefts.com
Read their articles, and even buy their videos.
Also, go to http://www.t-mag.com and do a search on “Dave Tate” “Westside Barbell” “Conjugated Periodization”

I think he meant weightlifting :slight_smile:

Fastdude - tempo? Fast as possible!


I thought that as well, but, I just gave him what he asked for:D