Digesitve Enzymes

Does anyone see any usefulness in the use of Digestive Enzymes?

More specifically, there is a product that supplies protease, lipase, and amylase as an enzyme formula to promote further absorption of nutrients.

Any usefulness in this?

Also, what about Betaine HCL?

I sometime use bromalain which is a pineapple abstract. It helps absorb protein. it is cheap also. Oh it is great for reducing inflammation also. I started using it when I almost broke my collor bone.

Bromelain can be used in a vast array of medical conditions. It was first introduced in this area in 1957, and works by blocking some proinflammatory metabolites that accelerate and worsen the inflammatory process. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, and so can be used for sports injury, trauma, arthritis, and other kinds of swelling. Its main uses are treatment of athletic injuries, digestive problems, phlebitis, sinusitis, and aiding healing after surgery.

Interesting you bought up bromelain bc the ankle rehab manual (HEM) i purchased yesterday recommended 250-500mg three times daily to help reduce swelling.

Cool I work at a store that sells pineapple/papaya enzymes for pretty cheap. I’ll prob pick some up in the next week or so.

Digestive Enzymes are good for periods of over eating, but attention to “adaptation”.
In the past I’ve had digestive problems after 2 month of digestive enzymes.

For proteolitic and antiflammatory effect take Enzyme at empty stomach.

Betaine is good only if you have a real low production of Stomach HCL.

I know someone who takes digestive enzymes because she lacks or has minimal amounts of those enzymes causing huge digestive problems. If you dont have digestive problems, then I wouldnt see a reason to take it. You would just be giving your body what it already has. And if your body adapts to it as Jamirok suggests then it may cause more problems then help

There’s a difference between taking enzymes to improve digestion and taking them for systemic anti-inflammatory effects. Generally speaking, for anti-inflammatory uses, you should look for enteric coated enzymes that will survive passage through the stomach. Remember, enzymes are proteins and can be digested in the stomach just like any other protein without reaching general circulation intact. Enteric coating prevents the capsules or tablets from dissolving until they reach the small intestine, allowing the enzymes to be absorbed intact. Wobenzyme and Vitalzyme are good examples of enteric coated systemic enzymes.

For digestion, you want the enzymes active in the stomach. Chewable papaya tablets are better for this purpose. I use them from time to time, espcially after big meals. They really take the edge off.

I was actually looking at them for both inflammation decrease as well as the digestive aid. However I rarely have trouble with digestion, so I may look at the enteric coated capsules.

I’ve heard good things about wobenzyme, bit expensive though. Anyone used this product with good results to speak of?