Difficulty Straightening Lower Back

I first noticed I had a somewhat unusual backshape when I first started running ; learning to use the blocks. When I raise into into a set position I am unable to completely straighten back, my neck to the bottom of my ribcage is straight however between ribcage and pevlis my spine is curved. No matter how hard I try the ‘hump’ in my back remains, I can minimise the curvature of the lower back by shifting my trailing leg a long way back in the set position, which I have done. Also when I lean over from a standing postion the same hump appears. A coach once mentioned that it could have somethign to do with ‘limited lower back activation’ but most people have no idea what it is. Doesnt really cause me any pain but my position in the blocks is not good because I am putting such an effort to straighten my back. What should I sacrafice; better block position or a curved back? Or, better yet, what can i do to fix my problem??

First, how old are you? Second, is the “Hump” from musculature or is it the spine? If it is the spine that is causing this hump, then you should get an orthopaedic exam to determine if it is abnormal lordosis, kyphosis, or if it is caused by scoliosis.

If the problem is muscular in nature, then you need to determine the exact muscle that is weak so you can determine the correct exercises. It is plausible that surrounding muscles have compensated for the weakness, but I would think that you would be experiencing pain if this problem was muscular in nature. The lower back muscles are so important for sprinting (and overall trunk stabalization) that a weak muscle, causing a problem such as this, will be obvious.

Regardless, problems with the lower back can wreak havoc on the hip complex for athletes. Undue stress is placed on the hamstrings, pelvic rotation occurs, nerves get pinched, and over time the stress is transfered to the knees and ankles.

Before you solve the problem, determine the source.