differences between runnin in football and track

if i’m tryin to move fast or quick in football should i use my same track mechanics?so far i have been and i’m not really blowin anybody up my coach(who is coincidentally my track coach) told me that in football ground contact is not as much an issue and instead of putting as much power in the least amount of time on the ground i should put a lot of power when i run cause ground contact time isn’t gonna make me as quick on the field as i am fast on the track.

I’ve never really thought of the physics sort of thing, I run the same in football as I do in track with the exception of having all the equipment on you, the football field would be slipperier so maybe less power output in your stride so you maintain grip? actually just ignore me, I’m probably wrong

i dare you to run standing tall…

What position do you play?

Why? if he is a wide reciever, is he going to run a post pattern with his shoulders down? No way!!! A running back will lower his shoulder upon contact, otherwise he should run how he feels comfortable!!!

Dont sweat the small stuff, just go out and play hard. Your running style on the field will take care of itself. If your a tall runner and someone lightes you up, you will learn to put your shoulder down when the time is right. Good luck this season, god i miss playing!!!

i could swear he said running back tho…pass routes are diff.

yeah your right, a running back will get blasted when he runs tall, but after a while he will learn to put his shoulder down or else he will be on the side line knocked out cold!!!

5’11"in socks ran tall one time and trucked 4 people before a 275 lb linebacker showed me how to juke

haha hmm they need to learn how to tackle or u need to run against the varsity !

so if i wanna move quicker in football i should just make my feet hit the ground harder?

I don’t think you’ll need to hit the ground harder, if you watch pro football most players seem to be running very relaxed and with a long stride. I don’t see any players pushing off with their feet as hard as they can, I can’t seem to think why you’d lose speed on the field, if you can get a good pair of cleats that would work, if that doesn’t work for next off-season you should train with extra weight so that you’ll be used to running with the equipment on

You’re thinking too much!

Too much forebrain! First, get through the hole, then be ready to make the LB, SS, etc. miss.

Football is acceleration and deceleration. You have to understand your body angles and how they affect change of direction. Your coaches argument makes very little sense.

alot of stuff i do is automatic i’ve never fumbled or didn’t hit the hole right most of the time before i get to the lb is autmatic

Right blaze,
so keep doing what your doing. Dont try to think about it, just run like you already know how and react to what comes at you, thats why you are starting right now. if it aint broken, no need to fix it.

Yeah man just get out there and run how you would. No need to make it too complicated. Yes football is more about quickness and change of direction most definitley; let it flow…