Differences between Bodybuilding and Sprinting Diets?

My good friend wants a good rundown/explanation of the major differences between a recommended bodybuilding diet, and a recommended sprinter’s diet. He is currently transitioning from bodybuilding to sprinting.

I told him I’d see what some well-informed experts had to say. Initially, I guess maybe a bit higher carb intake?

Any and all suggestions/breakdowns would be greatly appreciated!

just what i was going to say… i would guess higher carbs for a sprinter, and protein through the roof for a body-builder. If you want an example of this, consider the CDK diet mentioned in another thread- it advertises itself as a body-builder’s diet: a no-carb diet with a 36-hour carb-loading period each week.
A sprinter could not train effectively with such a plan.

the problem with such diets is that you feel ok only a few days -if not a single one- during the week and after that and unitl your next CHO loading your sessions may be average at best.

A sprinter can’t afford to do this, as he has to be in a pretty good shape almost every day for the training session ahead

Bodybuilders count calories and are worried about falling out of ketosis…

Whereas I shove as many carbs down my neck as possible, then pass out…

The carb restriction to the point of decreasing energy would only apply to a dieting bodybuilder. There are a variety of plans followed in the sport of bodybuilding so you really can’t sum it up in a general statement but if someone asked me to I’d say the main difference is a bodybuilder is either eating to gain weight or eating to lose weight and the sprinter is usually eating to maintain.

Therefore the main difference is the bodybuilder uses food manipulation to accomplish a physical goal and the sprinter just eats to survive.