Diet High Fat/Low Carbo

After re-reading Optimum Sports Nutrition, I am wondering if Colgan has changed his stance in the last decade toward higher fat, lower carb diets. I followed his plan for years and had great performance but could not get as lean as needed. I have alot of respect for the man so I would be interested to know if anyone has heard anything about his opinions on the latest tactics.

High fat/low carb diets can be effective in reducing body fat, but they also deplete glycogen which results in poor athletic performance.

Hey David,
I have read Dr. Colgan’s book several years ago and as much as I liked the book, he used alot of his scientific back-up (references) from the 50-60’s and his book was published in '93. Now, being a Health Science student myself, that rang many alarms in my head for obvious reasons.

As well, the only flaw that I found in the book, was that Dr.Colgan failed to state most elite athletes ALWAYS have a bigger appetite than sedentary folk and their intake is huge.

Although, I have to admit that his theories were interesting and worth a try.

Colgan has released a vew version of the book

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i have heard he has introduced some of teh low carb prinicples in it, but i havent read teh book myslef so i cant say for sure

In his 2002 book, Colgan breaks the macronutrients down as follows:

Protein 60-240g
Carbs 100-400g
Fats 40-160g

Don’t let the dates of research scare you…some of the stuff in the 40’s is still excellent (my grandfather is a chemical engineer and the only thing that has changed is the use of computers and equipment).

I have all of colgan’s books, but some of it is a little heavy on the carbs and his first attempt on weight training was pathetic. The power program is ok…but he should focus on nutrition.

my two euros…