Diet for the young elite

This is my knowledge on what I would consider an optimal diet for 15-20 year old athletes in such sports as Football, Basketball, Sprinting and similar.

First priority would be eating ENOUGH food.

Equal 1st would be making sure that none of this food is junk (fast food, soda etc).

2nd-eating vegtables, fruit and quality protein (eggs, milk, chicken, tuna, turkey etc).

3rd-macronutrient combining-ratio unsure though…? eg-Always eating protein, carbs and good fats with every meal (which are regular and spaced throughout the day).

4th-maybe a quality whey protein. Are any other supplements beneficial considering that athletes in this age group usually have various hormonal advantages anyway? Are these hormal advantages significant?

Are my prioritising of principles correct? Do young athletes need supplements (assuming that there eating healthy all ready), are they significantly beneficial?

You will have noticed that I didn’t include high gi carbs such as bread, potatoes, pasta etc. Is this a wise thing to do. Not eating high gi carbs makes it alot harder to get your carb intake in. The only time I was thinking I would consume high gi carbs is after exercise (weights, sprinting,training for sports etc-where a insulin spike is beneficial).

Could you please tell me if this plan would be good to follow and any other comments would be great too.

I appreciate everyones input. Thanks.

Can someone help me out here???..anyone???