Did'nt i tell you them white doves where watching.

Today has been nothing but drama, from the monent i woke up until now. I went to college early in the morning as usaul, and took part in the sports day. We played hand ball, and rounders danish rounders. I did’nt hit the ball on perpars on one of my turns to bat. So i could sprint around, and turn on the power. Teachers, and fellow students where shocked.

Your lightening, your lightening they repeated. I only trunned it on, on one of the straights, and a on looker said, it was like you had another gear.

Yes i did not work today, because i did the sports day.

When i got home, at 3 oclock, i decided to train. Like i said i would, do a few sprints and plyometrics.

I did 4x60meters with 2min recovery.

4x5 broad jumps, with 2min recovery inbetween. I wanted to do some more plyo’s but the stupid boxers came onto the track

Gang of shit bags, i felt like ending all of their careers. They where getting in the way, of a wheel chair athlete. (stupid twats)

So i decided to stop training, i was getting to heated. I went to talk to the barber for abit, then made my why home.

Funny enough, while i was training on the track. I did not see any doves, the white pigeons that look like doves.

Not one. I found this strange, because they are always out, the pigeons, with that same white dove, looking down on me.

I stroled home, seen a friend half way, and got a lift the rest of the way.

I got home, and pushed the door open. I walk into my living room, and my mum and my older sister are crying.

I say, what has happened now. The first thing that came into my head was, someone is dead.

For awhile, i thought i was dead, they just looked strainght through me.

But then they told me that my brother had left university, and had’nt finished his course. He had been out of uni for 8months, and had’nt told knowone.

Also has been doing nothing. He has had no jobs, but still has been going out all the time.

am not shocked that he left, because he always tells me. If you ar’nt happy with something leave it. Maybe he was trying to tell me something.

This has smacked me in the face, its a big wake up call.

People i have two days to do 5assignments, this is going to be the biggest academic task, i have ever took on.

If i don’t get my work in by the end of friday, i have wasted two years of my life.

and i don’t want that, i don’t want to upset my parents.

This is it, i will be up to early hours of the morning, doing my work.

Plus tommorow, i have got a assesment in sports massage, at 10.

I know this is a training journal, but i might need your help!

Project Assignements, i have offically lauched it.

Because some of my work, this site and you people might be able to help me.

especially on one of my assignments.

I know there are people out there, who read this journal.

well brothers, and sisters, i will be calling for your help.

stay tuned!

let the work begin, dam i should of posted a music link.

i love you

This was meant to be posted on my journal sorry.

am detressed