Did anyone see Freeman's run for 5th?

Did anyone see Cathy Freeman’s run for 5th 51.7 behind Guevara? How did she appear?

kitkat,cath was never really at the races.she was on the inside lane of Guevara and from the first turn G pulled away.at 250m i thought she was going to start making a move but no.

carol lewis interviewed CF and told her the time,she wasn’t pleased with it at all but said that she knew she had alot of work to do and that she’ll keep her head up.

BTW carol lewis would want to start back training because she put all the weight back on

Just got a quick glimpse of the race on TV news. Cathy just looked tired. When I spoke to her on Thursday she and coach Fort each coughed a few times, so that may indicate a bit of illness which would not have helped her in Eugene. Cath’s arms dropped around her waistline, far from the powerful pump action I recall in the Sydney OG final. Ana Guevara gave her a hug after the race - two very classy ladies. The sport is lucky to have them. It’s going to take somone pretty special to stop Guevara now coming into Athens, not to mention Paris. She’ll go 48 if pushed, but I was thinking maybe only Michelle Collins or maybe Lorraine Fenton could be up to the task.
Lost track of Lorraine and heard Collins was badly injured in the world indoor 200m final. Amy Thiam Mbacke looked tremendously strong in winning Edmonton but was a DNS at Pre.

Does anyone have any updates on Collins, Fenton or Mbacke? :help: