Diagnose This

yep about 10 steps in he was up and running. didnt snap out the blocks. Looks to me like his goal is a fast 60 and hold on. by the time he got in front of the camera he goes to but kicking and its down hill from there. hips dropped at about 35 like you said.

If it’s an issue of hips dropping, that should be a fairly straightforward fix: volitionally focusing on maintaining good sprint posture.

Is butt kicking part of the same issue, in your opinion?


Here’s a slow-mo version of a fly 20 a week before the meet. Do you guys see the same hip dropping issue here?
Time is right at 2.0 for the 20 meter zone. By my tables, guys that run 1.0 for 10 or 2.0 for 20 usually should run between 11.55 and 11.61, though I know sometimes fly runs are faster than top speeds in competition. I think the athlete is performing well below capabilities in competiton but I can’t figure out why exactly.

I’m timing the 20 fly as 2.05, which for me would correspond to about 11.6 under perfect conditions (My strength is accelleration and my weakness is SE.). His ROM seems to be better in practice than in the competion. He looks a lot more tense in the race. My guess would be that his stride length in practice may be longer because of the better ROM, which means his 33.75th step may have occured before the 60m mark in the race, thus invalidating your race split.

I tell my kids to get the knees in front of them. It seems to help with all the butt kicks

Thanks for the feedback, Robin.
I measured the split with Kinovea, going from tip of yellow triangle to tip of yellow triangle. Maybe it’s actually the back of each? I think we measured it from tip to tip earlier this year, but I could be wrong. If it’s 2.05 instead of 2.0, the slower time in the competition makes more sense.

Fair point about reduced ROM in the competition, possibly throwing split way off. I think that’s very possible now that you mention it. We arrived at the meet late and had to get an abbreviated warmup in. Another of our guys, with a 10.73 PR and an 11.03 SB, ran 11.18. So I think the lack of a real warmup truly could explain the stark degraded form and slower-than-expected times.

Some more of this athletes splits, best I have them:

10: 1.90, no RT
20: 3.06, no RT
30: 4.12, no RT

I measure these with Kinovea by backing up one frame from first visible hand movement and then adding another 0.03 to that - so it assumes a 0.06 from first foot pressure to visible hand movement. If anyone has a better way, short of buying Freelap, let me know.

Last year, athlete’s splits were:
10: 2.03, no RT
20: 3.26, no RT
30: 4.33, no RT

100 SB last year was 11.57w, 11.73 basic.
Additionally, stride pattern has changed as the athlete has gotten stronger: last year, it was 10.0 strides/20 meters for flys, now 9.5. First ten meters was 9.0 steps, now it’s 8.0.

My 10.73 guy is also struggling with maintaining speed, though not as severely. So it’s clearly at least partly something going on with the plans I’ve set up.

Above splits for this and last year are all from practices, fwiw. No idea what they looked like in the 11.57 race.

Assuming that the video is at 1/4 speed, I’m quite sure its closer to 2.05 than 2.00. His 10-30m splits would also correspond to about 11.6 for me, once SE is in place and conditions are perfect. I don’t think 11.8 is too far off what could be expected from this athlete based on his training results, especially if SE is not yet fully developed and conditions were not ideal.

It is at 25%, yes.
Excellent. Based on that, I suppose top speed probably hasn’t increased this year, despite improvements at start and different stride pattern. Fewer steps but longer ground contact, I suppose - which may mean less at the start than at top speed. Maybe I should try to measure everyone’s GCT too, just to see what it looks like

Btw: What was the wind reading for his 11.8?

0.2 I think. Still, everyone in all heats ran an average of 0.15 off of SB, with only one runner within 0.03 of SB. So the cooler wet conditions probably had some effect.

Robin pointed out the altered ROM and likely different stride pattern, so I counted the strides - and it’s 54, 1 to 0.5 strides more than he takes for 100 in practice.
Still impossible to get an accurate split, but if there’s a half-stride difference at 60, then the 60 split would be in the 7.40 and 7.45, I believe - much more in line with the overall time than the 7.32 idea. Still indicates poor speed endurance - averaging over 1.1 for each of the last four 10m segments - but not catastrophically poor.

So one of the major goals, then, is doing everything possible to get sufficiently warmed up and loose for competitions.

Any technical thoughts about Red (11.5 PB, 11.8 SB), Black (11.6 PB and SB), or Gray (10.7 PB, 11.1 SB)?


Black stands up quickly at the start here but can get off pretty good ones on occasion. Red is consistently good at the first 10-15 meters but all over the map after that. Gray a bit of an underachiever at the start.