Determining Stretching methods.

I basically set up my stretching in a number of categories.

  1. Static - your typical hold a stretch for a period of time (example - Hamstring stretch)

  2. Active - Where the limb moves at a pace (example AIS)

  3. Ballistic - Limb moves at pace (example Leg swings)

I try and use 2 & 3 predominantly in training (2 in gym and 3 on track), but encourage athletes to use static stretching after training.

I tend to encourage this, the static stretching, more out of a peceive general health benefit for the athlete.

It is also dependent on the athlete’s tightness.

Is this a reasonably set up.

When (time) after training do you use static stretching?
Any experience with microstretching or long time positions?

Imo, some muscle have a different responce to specific stretching, i.e. quads work well with static, Hams with AIS/PNF.

Generally, but much generally, tonic muscles work well with long and static form of lenghtening, phasic with Active/Pulsed/PNF stretching.

Depending on the session and how long it took to get home 30 to 60 minutes after training. After hard track the stretch was never hard.

I also tended to use Static between days.

I have personally used microstretching but none of my athletes have.

Re Quads and Hamstrings thanks will look at that further.