Depth Landing Research

I’m having a discussion with one of my PT professors. I’m trying to locate any references on the safety & efficacy of various depth landing techniques. I’ve found research by Komi et al regarding triple jump performance which includes the risk of injury from heel strike landings. However, I’m looking for EMG or force plate comparisons of forefoot/flatfoot/heel strike depth landing or depth jumping. I thought Verkhoshanksy or Medvedev. I figured some forum posters may know. Any suggestions?

There is a recent article in NSCA Journal, vol 27, # 4, pg 57-59…“Drop Jumps” by Buck Blackwood…he states, " Drop-jump training is not inherently dangerous: however like all types of exercise, the risk of injury does exist…pubescent children should not trian jumps becasue epiphyseal plates of the bone have yet to close."

here is some stuff from thibedau…

some stuff by Kelly B…

also if you have supertraining 3rd ed. on page 273-276 there is a bunch of info on depth jumps and landings, for example:
" Great caution must be exercised in performing any form of depth-jumps which involve one-legged thrusts, changes of direction, or complex variations, since the injury risk is significantly higher."

This article states, " Plyometric exercises are safe when supervised by trained professionals, and in fact research supports the notion that plyometric-like activities with proper supervision are more likely to prevent rather than cause injuries.3,6 Practitioners should apply these concepts in accordance with sound training methodologies and critical thinking."

hope some of this helps…peace

Thanks for the reply & the links. I agree that depth jumps aren’t inherently dangerous & that the manner in which they’re executed is one key for reducing injury likelihood.

Intuitively, I know heel landings are problematic for the musculoskeletal system in regards to ‘shock’ distribution. Thus, they’re discouraged in practice.

I’m hoping to find some research detailing the forces on the system when executing various types of landings.

I don’t know if the university library carries the NSCA journal but I’ll look into the article you mentioned. Thanks.