Florida’s Jeff Demps has decided to drop football in favor of pursuing his Olympic dreams in track and field.
Demps, who has started training with Florida’s track team, will not partake of any college all-star games, NFL workouts, etc. He will spend all his athletic energy attempting to secure a spot with the U.S. Track & Field team. Demps was slowed by an ankle injury this season and finished with 991 all-purpose yards and 7 touchdowns to give him 3,553 yards and 25 TDs for his career.

Wow, surprised he’s doing this.

I guess he can always go back to football

Yes he can I know he will…Football is where the money is at…I know some practice squad players who make 5,000 a month just to practice with the team.

Makes sense if you’re not going to be an early round draft pick (read: big money). The Olympics only come around every four years so if you’re healthy and fit might as well give that a shot then return later to football.

Yeah he’s super wirey (nervous system) right now so Im like you guys, I say run then go football

My understanding is that Demps decided some time ago that his future was going to be in sprinting and not football :slight_smile: He apparently turned down some millions to turn pro and compete in the 100 at the WC last summer, but decided to play football one more time (last fall).

This is a guy who ran 6.53 last year without a full GPP (due to football). It will be very interesting what he can do in the 100 once he can get in a full conditioning program (next year).

I like it. We lose tons of athletes to football. Then they don’t even attempt track during the off season.