Degrasse results?

What ever happened with the challenge to run on a cinder track vs Jesse Owens time? Did he beat it? what was his time? Can anyone that saw it give a brief review?

I was watching all shows to do with Shondra Rhimes that night. Very important. Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How to get away with Murder. I needed some mind candy.
Listening to reporters and the like pontificating about track sometimes ( more often than not) makes me want to become a UFC fighter.


I do agree it would be cool to see bmarcho1.

i cant find a video or any sports articles on the episode

I watched the episode. It didn’t look like De Grasse gave it too much effort, he ran 11 something. They did make him some period appropriate spikes and he dug holes for blocks but it looked like a stride more than a max effort sprint. Tony Sharpe made an appearance.

smart, why pull a hammy for a tv show right before the season