definition section

What I would like to really see is a section that covered the definitions of terms and basic theories that are discussed throughout the forum. As an example, could somebody explain or give the definition of central drive?:help:

very good idea

Hi there…

The idea behind the forum is to ASK QUESTIONS. If we just gave away all the answers, what fun would that be?

Ask and you shall receive.



On second thought, quite right Rupert. The information from discussing a topic is often more valuable than simply viewing a description. Any blanks can be filled in elsewhere.

Rupert I understand that the purpose of the forum is to ask questions and get answers that way. What I am asking for is a place where they can be grouped like a FAQ section. As it is now it is difficult to use the search function to find the answers and when I would need to go back and find a answer to a question I would have to read the posts to find it or repeatedly ask the same question or I would have to remember it.
I put this under dicssion suggestions since I thought that it might help others that were looking for basic information to both understand on going threads without interrupting them. Amos