Define 'Cross Sectional Area'

Prof Schmidtbleicher and the Freiburg Institute of Sport. You are wrong Bompa classifies 80-90% as heavy 50-80% as medium and maximum as 90-100%. In all fairness Bompa’s work seems to fit with cutting edge research and the contractilty decrements that go hand in hand with hypertrophy training.

So are you saying that there’s no crossover where max. strength and hypertrophy can occur simultaneously? I’m confused with the direction of your statements. The training phases have to be separated? I’m merely suggesting that there is crossover and improvements in strength and hypertrophy across a larger zone with less direct work than is being mentioned.

For optimal gains in objectives thats all I am saying. If you want a Ferrari you do not go to a Skoda show room thats all no other inference should be made.

Dude, I’m telling you. Look up the 2001 NSCA Sport-Specific Conference in San Antonio. Bompa described extended maximum strength training and the negative effects on testosterone. He defined anything above 70% as max strength training and that training in this zone for longer than 8 weeks would decrease testosterone.

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DUDE…thats why you seperate the phases into hypertrophy first (no longer than typically 4-7 weeks) and Max strength no longer than 6-7 weeks. Thats what Schmidtbleicher and others discovered. Of course when you become elite running 9.9 secs you do not need a hypertrophy phase any more because its all in place. If you were going to do hyp training then only the hams, erectors and gluts (if you have an under developed backside) should be subjected to such training.

Sorry. I guess the bottom line here is I disagree with you. I don’t think you should abandon max. strength or hypertrophy training and shift from one zone to another. Isn’t this the whole goal of vertical integration? So you don’t believe in alternating periodization or rather anything that is not linear? I don’t think that you can go with linear periodization beyond training anyone but beginners. It’s too much of the same thing and the body is too smart for that. What are your thoughts on HIT? I think you might like it :smiley: It fits into a nice cookie cutter mold. I know how bompa references every scientist on earth up and down his book, but his concepts are old and anyone who takes credit for coining ‘periodization of strength’ as an original concept just because he gave it a title does not give him ownership.

And yes, I give more credit to great coaches than scientists. I trust Ian King and Charlie Francis. Followed by Poliquin and others who’s names aren’t quite worth mentioning yet. Perhaps you’d like to discuss this subject in the chat rather than hijacking this thread!! :smiley:

CFs training goes, accumalation max strength, maintenance. I agree with that( who am I to go against tried and proven techniques) all I am trying to say is for a developing athlete with the lacking glut ham erectors; you MAY do accumalation, hypertrophy, max strength maintenance. Thats all no one said anything about abandoning training methods or anything like that I am talking about objectives at a particular phase of training. For example CF maintains max strength training during maintenance phase (at a lower volume) but the MAIN OBJECTIVE during this phase is to develop max speed speed endurance.

Then I absolutely agree with you. We’re arguing the entire concept rather than the points each other are making. I’m not saying I’m right or you’re wrong, I’m just saying that there are indirect effects that are beneficial beyond ‘hypertrophy’ and ‘max strength’. In fact, beginners may experience strength gains at a much lower intensity and across a much broader repetition zone.

You need to read more widely so you are not bamboozled easily mate…DUDE. Those scientists give meaning to training and help leading coaches to affirm their methods with conviction. So next time you step on a plane be rest assured that the scientists who gave the engineer the tools to develop safe transport did a good job.

I just think that in some instances the scientists are playing catch up with the coaches in the strength game. For instance, Zatsiorsky’s work mostly confirms what the Russian coaches were actually doing, rather than guiding the coaches along. I’m not saying that scientists are bad, i’m just saying that if we wait around for them to confirm that what a good coach is doing right it’ll take my lifespan for them to tell me that i’m stronger than i used to be. And you’ll have to excuse my dude remark, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Texas so I think you’ll forgive me. Bring your nose out of the air for a little while and you’ll see how nice things are down here. You think Charlie waited for Bompa to tell him that he was right that he didn’t need a ‘conversion’ phase.

In closing,
“You all may go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” - Davey Crockett

I like that, thats the spirit, go down guns blazing.

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