Decent nutrition in college

Let me start off by saying that I am by no means a serious athlete, I kayak for fun and I workout for fun and to stay in decent shape. I have been in college for a couple months and my diet has pretty much been pizza, burgers, and beer. I decided its time to change my diet and I am going to stick with vegetables and meat, and do my best with what is in the cafeteria.

As far as supplementation goes, I want to spend no more than 30 dollars a month. Going by this I decided I was going to buy Biotest ZMA and the High Performance Liquid multivitamin found at . Are these two supplements going to give me the most bang for my 30 bucks? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

this post is most likly going to be useless as most people who are set on taking a supplments will even though its not needed and evidence to this fact is presented, but anyway… if your diet is good and you take a mutlivatiamin.mineral 99.999% of atheltes dont need to use a supplement. supplementation is just that a supplment to a sound diet. if your diet isnt near perfect dont even worry about supplements. to often people want to take a pill to get a result but im afraid it doesnt work that way and you will most likly end up wasting your money. there is a time and a place for supplementation and its not a continuous one. you especially since your a recreational athlete dont need to supplement except under certain circumstances (periods of extreme loading ect. ). people on this forum will tell you otherwise, they will say ZMA is a great supplemt and i dont doubt it but if your diet isnt perfect their is a hole in the system that a supplemtn wont be able to fill. americans are lazy well the western world is lazy and this is an american saying this. its not your fault its the media all you see all day is take a pill lose weight, take a pill gain muscle, take a pill for your high colesterol, take a pill and jump higher run faster ect ect. i am in no way anti-supplment. like i said they have a time and place. and let me say this i use to seek out the best supplement thinking that it would acceelrate my training, not until i had it beat into my head the folly of my thinking and change my diet to refelct my training needs did i see the rapid results i had hoped would come from supplementation. just a heads up either way good luck.

I know exactly what you are saying. I used to have a pretty sound diet for about 2 years in a row, but now that I am in college in has gone to waste. Its hard when you are staying up late hours with fast food a 30 second walk away and beer even easier to come by. Thats why I am going to try to straighten it up the best I can based on the foods I can get at the cafeteria. The HPF liquid multivitamin was going to be my first choice, and I was hoping to get some feedback on that product or another multivatamin that is possibly better. I figured I could throw in zma because of the cheap price tag, but now I am wondering if I should or not based on my diet struggles…

a really good multi. is the kirkland multi u can get at sams club or costco. it was rated better than centrum and it like 20 bucks for nearly a two year supply. dont need to get fancy just need to covr the basis. ive used ZMA before as far as suplemnt go its very good but again it should be used during a certain time and place.

Two words “rice cooker”.

Also, I think supplements can be very important to anyone. At $30 a month you’re very limited, but you’re on the right track. I’d go with these(in priority):

-Fish oil
-multi vit

two more words, “crock pot”

Good idea. You can make some tasty stuff for limited funds with those two cheap devices.

Another good word - Cookbook.


get some collard greens and a hickory turkey thigh toss it in the crock pot in th emorning before school come home to some finger licking good eats.