Decathlete From Australia

Hi All just wondering if any one on here or Charlie would be able to help give some advice to a decathlete who has some questions concerning running training for a decathlete.

my PBs are
100 - 10.71
Long - 7.48
Shot - 14.70
High - 2.05
400 - 49.1
110mH -15.02
Disc - 48
Pole 4.50
Jav 55.80
1500 - 5:00

My questions are to charlie and the members. What sort of training program should a decathlete be doing in terms of speed/speed endurance and longer work for the 1500m. Had a fairly poor performance at the Commonwealth Games and would like my running to improve.

Obviously different parts of year etc need top be taken into consideration but I would love to start out just to see if there is any interest in the topic.

HOw does your running event compare to your event times?
In % wise. Ie, are you like within 3% in the sprints and say 10% off in the 1500m?

How much tempo based work do you do in your current training program?

My 100 average in all my decathlon’s is 10.96. my 400 PB was in a decathlon as well as my 1500.

As for Tempo I would do very little tempo in terms of what I have read in the CFTS. I do a speed endurance and a lactic session each week.

Starts and pure speed are combo with my hurdle work.

you should find, after a while, that both the finnish off the 100m, the 400m overall and the 1500m overall will improve just by adding in tempo repeats. It will aid in recovery from your hard lactic workouts, it will increase your recovery between hard efforts each day (ideal when you are doing many events per day).
Cf recomends for 400m runners to be fit enough to handle 7-10 x 300s at 75% of your 300m time. I think the recovery is just a walk from finnish to start. So like 1.5min or so. And thats tempo, will be hard during the session, but the next day you’ll feel fine. Although if limmited tempo has been done before, perhaps only 3 efforts the 1st week, then 4, then 5 etc etc.

That session seems to be fine to do, however we are about 6 weeks out from nationals. Would there be any benefit in me starting this now or what other sessions?

Have been stuck in the 49’s for a long time now in the 400 and in my 100m seem to be great until 60 then lose hip position and lean back causing me to slow down significantly.

Just want to move into new territory break into some new pb’s

Yeah, nationals is coming up, not too far away now.
Its a bit late to be trying for say the 300’s for sure, wait till the off season for that.
However, you should be able to quickly get used to 1k - 1.5k worth of 50’s 100’s and 150’s in the next couple of weeks. It will mainly help with the rounds i would think, 6 wks - i would only add that small amount of tempo, and just concentrate on your current program for now, its its too late to really change up anything now. Just get some general fitness, then in the off season, then you can start to really change things up.
Good luck at the nationals man. Im sure you’ll do well.

First, did you attend any of the 3 seminars Nanny69 hosted recently for CHarlie in Australia? WE were in your wonderful country for more than 3 weeks and Charlie spent 3 weekends in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.
SEcondly, have you purchased and gone thru any of the DVD’s on the site from our store? If not you will find a multitude of answers to your question.

The majority of the dec events are based around speed and power (as well as skill!) so if I was doing it I would start there. Remember a lot of your technical training can double as power work so what you really need to focus on in non technical work is general conditioning (to stop those injuries you guy are always getting through overuse). I’d also like to hear CF’s ideas on how to set up a training plan for this one. Perhaps you should consider a phone consult with him?

Thanks for your posts guys. I’m talking with nanny69 at present and Topdog I have a little bit of information on CFTS and have been discussing this in great depth with 2 of my mates who attended the gold coast seminar.

As for a phone consultation wow!! that would be amazing and as I origanally said I would love to hear Charile’s insight and planning for a multievent athlete.