Dealing with bad training conditions.

I just did the first day of the GPP from GPP video, which is the hill workouts.

I’ve been only doing weight lifting, plyos, and unstructured practicing of short accelerations at an indoor facility, and it’s like the first time this year that I’m doing a outdoor workout.

Unfortunately, after I did about 1/3 of the planned workout, it started pouring rain. I really didn’t know what to, so I just decided to be a meathead today and finish the workout.

To look at the positives, it maybe was an opportunity to test how much willingness I have. On the other hand, doing high intensity training on a slippery surface probably isn’t very helpful for the motor learning of proper sprinting mechanics.

I really think I needed to do that today though, as it was my first day of this routine and first outdoor training in months, and I just had to get out of my comfort zone.

What would you all have done? Was my decision foolish after all in terms of learning? Would you have just gone indoor and done plyos or extra weights instead? Would you have done it the day after and push back all workout schedule by one day?

I think I read something from one of the e books about how if you miss a workout, you just have to move on to the next and let go of what you missed. However I also know that all training progression builds on top of another, as it prepares the individual for next training component. For example, aerobic conditioning from tempo and sprint specific power from hill training must be present to enter SPP and do real speed work (with strength and good acceleration mechanics in place) and speed endurance work (tolerance for high intensity is present). I just don’t know how I’d be prepared for next training component if I give up a day here and there. Advanced coaches would be able to tweak later workouts to make sure their athlete is prepared and continually assess them, but I train myself and I have no such luxury.

Currently I’m having a really bad weather period right now, with probably like 4 days of rain a week…What do people do with bad weather other than going to camps all year long?

I try and time it between rain periods… sometimes not so lucky.
When wet, I use the roads and not grass. More grip that way.

You could try indoor stairs Or shopping complex car parks normally have ramps.

I’ve read about mall parking lots for training before.

I should try to avoid bad weather much as possible though, as I am very fragile and get shin splints very easily.

Thank you for your reply.