Anyone know what’s happened to him? We appear to have lost one of the few great sprinting minds on this forum.

Good question.

His wife is having their first baby. Due soon, or maybe already. She retired from competing a year or so ago. Since then he’s thrown himself into his work (IT) with as much conviction as he showed towards coaching issues when he was coaching her. I think he was really only into coaching to help his wife, who is a fantastic lady (and an awesome cook) :smiley: But yes, his presence is missed both on the forum and on the track…


Just got a text message from DCW23 to say he and wife Cathy are celebrating the birth today of their first born, a boy - Aston! :smiley:

Congrats to the DCW Family!

His contributions are a big loss to the forum.

Congrats - great news.
Best Wishes DCW


Congrats indeed - always nice to hear of a new arrival :slight_smile: - I hope his second names martin then he’s bound to be a sprinter :wink:

Congratulations! With the first name Aston, Martin would make a great middle name!