dazs journal

I’m starting my journal now, although I have been training seriously for about 3 months now.
Background: 28 years old, slight hiatus from track since 2000. I have been active, training sporatically, and running in all comer meets since 2000, but that was my last serious year.

Outdoor PR’s: 100-- 10.38 200-- 20.87 400-- 46.7
Indoor PR’s: 55-- 6.19 200-- 21.04

In 2000 I ran 21.13 outdoors before suffering a hamstring injury. This year, without much training I have run 10.68 and 21.72, that was in May, and that was when I decided to take this sport seriously again, and try to get to an elite level. I have always been bothered by my hamstrings but that was when I neglected treatment. This time around I treat properly, do more recovery work and contrast baths and showers, and get massages. Any critiques, advice, or whatever are invited, actually urged. Thanks.


300-250-200-150-100-- in flats with 7min active r/r after each run.

300(46sec)-- i was dissapointed with the time because I have run faster in similar workouts. It was hard to gauge how fast I should be running because i hadn’t been doing many 300’s lately.

250(38sec)-- felt a little better but I am still concerned that my times aren’t up to par.

200(28sec)-- closer to what I expected to run in flats.

150(20sec)-- I started to feel this workout, but i was nearly satisfied with the time.

100(14sec)-- sad, but i made it, i was considering not running the 100, but i hate not finishing a prescribed workout. It wasn’t taxing to finish, but it was a little challenging.

cooldown walk and stretch.

Intensive tempo? am i correct? i do the same exact workout with a little less rest in my general prep phase.

what training phase are you in?


Yesterday 8/5/03-- rest(long day, didn’t have a chance to go to the track)

Today 8/6/03-- strength endurance/special endurance
400m skips–4x30m high knees–4x30m karaoke steps(spelling/proper term?)
2x300 meters with 15 min r/r

(1.) --300(38.1sec)-- not bad, didn’t feel that slow but i need to incorporate more special and speed endurance runs. I used to easily blaze 35’s with adequate recovery and 200’s felt easy. I got away from these in recent years but now I know where I am lacking. My 100 and 200 are fast enough that my 300’s should be faster.

(2.) --300(39.3sec)-- again, these are dissapointing, referring to my times of the past, but it’s august and by november I expect to be back to proper form. I am carrying about 12 pounds of muscle since college due to the fact I started lifting heavy after deciding not to run track anymore. Excuse me while I think out loud. I am 5’11, 182lbs, I think I need to be about 172 at the most to compete well by Indoor season in January.

Will do a tempo session. Probably 8x200/4x100 or 6x300/2x200

good workouts. I now what you mean with the 300’s. My pb was 34.6 at practice with 5 min recovery. ( back when i didnt know how to train). Those 300’s will get your ass in shape. I was also 165 pounds at 5’8". this was the summer before last. This summer i got my 300’s down to 37-36 sec, i was weighing 178-180. Need to drop those pounds.

Right there with you Chris, I plan on getting there now, because like you, now I know how to train, rest, and treat my muscles, as well as eat, which is something i never considered doing correctly in college.

This morning’s tempo session went well, I did them in flats on the track. I did:
200-200-200-200 walk 200 recovery after each
100-100-100-100 walk 100 recovery after each
200-200 walk 200 recovery after each
100-100 walk 100 recovery after each

My times were:

I know they should be around the same time but i felt a little fatique at the end, not to mention it is hard to put a gauge on your pace during tempo 100’s.

I have taken a slight break from weight training until November because I am trying to drop a few pounds. I maintain pretty good strength doing strength endurance, plyometrics and circuits which consists of push ups, squat thrusts, burpees, etc…

Thanks for the feed back. Tomorrow I might take a rest day, or go for a 15-25 minute easy jog.

I had started training this year since april 03. I started then to see what i could run with a few month’s of training. My training from april to june was horrible. on mondays i did 300,200,100 all out with 10 min breaks in between. My pb’s during those workouts were 36.8 in the 300 21.8 in the 200 and 10.6 in the 100.( not in the same workout). on tuesday’s i did block work and plyo’s. On wednesday’s i could not train cause my legs were in too much pain from the 2 days of hard running. Thur i would do 5 X150 and 3 x 100 all out with minimal rest, then on fridays i would do blocks up to 80 meters. My legs where always in pain. I ran in spikes everyday. I ran my last meet on june22. I planned to take off until
august and start up again. In july i disoverd Charliefrancis.com. My whole take on training changed. Charlie said that a sprinter should not take more than 3-4weeks off without doing some kind of speed work. So i hit the track. I now do everything different
Mon= block and speed work and plyos. in spikes
tues tempo on grass with flats
wed SE on track with spikes
Thur tempo on grass with flats
fri block and speed work with spikes plyos
sat tempo on grass in flats.
Sorry about all the extra. But i hope this helps.
Charlie also said that you can add endurance to speed but not speed to endurance.

Thanks, perfect explanation, I appreciate it. I will start incorporting more speed into my workouts.

What do you think of this, I call it pre-exhaustion speed work, and really there is not much exhaustion with it, but i do, 10x stadiums, then 3x80-- 7 min r/r 8x stadiums, then 3x70-- 7 min r/r 6x stadiums, then 3x60-- I like this workout because the stadiums are taxing just enough to make the workout almost speed/strength endurance but the 3x 80’s, 70’s, and 60’s, aren’t far off pr’s when running them between 95 and 100%. Just wanted to get some opinions on this type of session. I always look for variety in my speed and endurance runs just to keep the workout fun when they can become a little monotonous.

good workout but remeber, When you are sprinting you should stop your workout when your from starts to break down. Dont want practice bad sprinting habit’s.

Friday 8/8 easy jog and stretch
Saturday 8/9 rest

Sunday 8/10 Strength endurance stadiums and 70’s, concentrating mainly on form maintanance.

10xstadiums-- 3x70
5min r/r
7xstadiums-- 5x70
These were about 70-80% form work as well as tempo.

Monday 8/11 2x300 full recovery, 2x200 full recovery.
Tuesday-- tempo
Thursday-- tempo
Friday-- strength endurance/speed or speed/plyometrics.(comments?)

August 11, 2003

Today’s workout was good, a little tough and frustrating because of all the once a weekers on the track walking their 3 1/3 laps in lanes one and two. Oh well enough of the ranting.

15min r/r
300-- 38.7
15min r/r
12min r/r
Times are getting better, recovery is better, but I had one heck of a headache during the workout today.

I did a workout like that last week, it was 300, 300, 200, 200, and strong finishes. Is the 200m going to be your main event this year? It looks like you’ll be back down around that time when outdoors season comes around. I took me forever to get my 200’s down in the 24’s after taking some time off. What were you doing to stay in shape since 2000?

I have always coached, and with coaching i would challenge kids about once a week. I would say, ok, if you guys want to take the next 150 off, you have to beat me. I would give them all a 15 meter head start(high schoolers) and i would wear a weight vest. This year it back fired, i had a kid who went 21.6 and 10.6(fat) and i could never catch him so kids were getting a 150 off every week. I also always lifted heavy and played basketball. My goal if to run low 21 in the indoor season, then surprise myself outdoors, hopefully somewhere between 20.5 and 20.7, i want to be in sacramento next year and not as a coach or broadcaster, so that is my goal.

Ok, my journal has lagged since the site was down, but here are all the days since Aug, 11, 2003

8/12-- 10 min jog/ core stability/ upper body lift.

8/13-- 4x100 meters sled with 6 min r/r
6x60 meters with 6 min r/r

8/14-- 25min jog with high school cross country team. bad idea, my
body was hurting and it was very hard to do. It really serves no
real purpose unless I decide to run the 800, and that isn’t going
to happen, but it made me feel accomplished when i was done.

8/15-- rest

8/16–upper body lift

8/17-- strength endurance with Melissa(wife)
skips x 400meters-- high knees 4x50 meters
high knee skips 4x50 meters-- kareoka 4x50 meters
abdominal work-- 5x stadiums-- 3x150 intensive tempo
Melissa- 3x60 meters intensive tempo.

8/18-- rest

8/19-- Special Endurance-- 5x300 with 3:30 rest
44, 44, 43, 42, 42
This workout was good, I really worked my mental toughness at
end of the workout because I was very tired and wanted to stop
after the fourth. I talked to myself and got back on the track to

8/20 Strength/Speed endurance with Melissa(special/speed endurance)
Demitrius-- 4x60meters sled-1min rest, 3min r/r
4x60meters-1min rest, 3min r/r
4x60meters sled-1min r/r
Melissa-- 3x320 with 3:30 r/r
62, 61, 57
4x60meters-1min r/r
Melissa is just training to maintain weight and fitness


8/22-- Plyos in the a.m.

8/19-- Special Endurance-- 5x300 with 3:30 rest
44, 44, 43, 42, 42
This workout was good, I really worked my mental toughness at
end of the workout because I was very tired and wanted to stop
after the fourth. I talked to myself and got back on the track to

damn on my spec endurance days i get full recovery. That is a pretty hard workout you did.

Definitely Chris, one of the hardest I have done in a while, but I have decided to get truly serious about my training, supplementation, and diet. Long story.

Saturday 8/23, went back to Fresno for a wedding and worked out on the old College track, good memories there. I did tempo work:
200-200-200-200 with 200meter walk r/r
100-100-100-100 with 100meter walk r/r
200-200 with 200meter walk r/r
100-100 with 100meter walk r/r

sunday 8/24/03
speed endurance/special endurance(thin line i guess)
8x150 with 4min r/r, 7min r/r after first 4

16.8, 16.8, 16.5, 16.9
16.9, 17.1, 16.2, 16.7

Monday 8/25/03 rest

Tuesday 8/26/03 10-15x 80m hill- didn’t feel recovered enough for this workout so I rested my legs and instead did an upper body workout. It consisted of; upright row, military press, bicep curls, tricep extentions, and 80 crunchers. Tomorrow I will either do the hill workout or sled work.

8/27/03 a.m. jump rope
p.m.-- with Melissa(no sled or 300)
4x55m sled with 30sec r/r (sled weighs 25lbs)
2:30 r/r
4x55m with 30sec r/r
2:30 r/r
4x55m sled with 30sec r/r
8min r/r
1x300-- 37.4
Getting those 300’s back to a respectable time.