David Weck Spiraling Fascia and Sprinting Faster helps gay beat bolt

Tyson has been running well for years, im not sold in this as the reason he pulled away from Bolt. What did Bolt run again? (yes that was sarcasm) Bolt was not in his top shape, nothiing to do with a spiraling fascia.

The activation of the TA on a Bosu ball is nowhere near the activation of of the TA in a squat/deadlift or medball work etc.

If BOSU balls are the only way to truly activate the “core” than why do them? Since that would mean they are not activated in sprinting

This seems to be a good example of what Weck is trying to do with Tyson.

Forward to 2:13.


I don’t know if I see any real difference. He looked no more stable than Bolt. I think Tyson is the 2nd best and will be no matter what. Bolt was just out of shape last season as evidenced by the 9.97. Guy can jog that number in his sleep. Congrats to Tyson on the win, but come 2012, it’s going to be all Bolt again. Plus doesn’t pronating your hand at back of arm action actually reduce elastic energy which you use to drive the arm forward?

Would that elastic energy be centred around the tendons specifically about the deltoids?.

It turns off the bicep which is a stabilising/brake for the tricep. Try palm up and palm down and feel the bicep while doing so

I remember Charlie telling one of my athletes that he was unloading some tension by pronating thus negating some of the full stretch reflex.I believe he promoted keeping the thumb forward when hand was behind body.

[QUOTE=Race Radio;246100]these ‘exercise visionaries’ could have something different to offer, new methods & idea’s being brought to the table.QUOTE]

Nope - just another dipshit trying to take credit for something he didn’t accomplish. The world is full of them.

Just like the ART dipshit who told everyone that he “knew ahead of time” - based on his knowledge of the body and biomechanics - that Michael Johnson was going to pull up from a hamstring pull versus Donovan Bailey in the infamous 150m sprint race based on what he saw in his warm-up. Of course, he didn’t mention it until after the race. Another genius after the fact. (Johnson strained his hamstring a few weeks earlier - no magic there).

What would this spiraling dipshit have said if Bolt was healthy and ran 9.70 against Tyson Gay’s 9.84? Exactly. If this guy was legit, he would have shut his trap and observed how Tyson Gay performed over the long term versus healthy competition, then let Tyson Gay bring up his involvement.

Number 2, funny but I remember Charlie telling me Johnson didn’t have a prayer in a 150 against Bailey. He said they even tried to give Johnson the edge by starting them on the curve to negate some of Donovans speed. Didn’t work out so well. This spiraling fascia will go by the way of many other things when Bolt smokes Tyson this year. I would like to hear Gay mention it. He has said nothing so far. Maybe he is hiding his secret weapon. Oops, Mens Health ruined that.

Yes Speedcoach. We are all anxiously awaiting the release of the Men’s Health speed training manual.

I’m hoping Tyson can serve up some crow pie in the next couple of years.

I love Bolt but I’m gonna be rooting for Tyson for sure.

That’s the great thing about “Hope”. Everyone can have it.

I like Tyson too but Bolt is a different animal. He is as close to perfect as you can be. Tyson and Asafa are bad dudes, but he is the man.

One of the big keys for both athletes - and anyone hoping to challenge them (including Asafa) - is the ability to stay healthy through training and competition. Their training programs and competition schedules must be arranged to optimize performance while maintaining health and incorporating appropriate recovery between competitions (and not being pressured to run when you are not ready to run). They must also have a skilled professional on hand to address their soft-tissue needs.

A good friend of mine performed soft tissue work on Tyson Gay and didn’t get the impression that Gay had a highly organized training and physical therapy program. In fact, Gay spent much of his time implementing workouts himself - with no coach on hand. How can one expect to successfully challenge Bolt (at his best) under these circumstances?

Wow! Who would have thought… :mad:

Brauman said in interview they would get 1-2 therapy sessions a week :confused:

Im sure the spiraling coach was on hand.

Thats mind blowing because Tyson is such a talent. I alkways root for him, but when Bolt is on, he is unbeatable by the standards set forth by everyone else. Number Two, it would be nice to see him get with a coach who treated him with the care Charlie did his athletes. It’s like they treat a Ferrari like a daily driver. Sad. Some coaches get paid a ton and do less these days than their predecessors.

Yes - could you imagine if these athletes got the treatment Ben received. Massage before work-out to help with warm-up. Therapy later in the day and on off-days. A carefully planned competition season that primed them from race to race.

Tyson responded to a question on Twitter a couple of weeks back by stating he gets massage about three days a week after speed sessions (!). I previously asked him if he foam rolled because I heard John Smith was a proponent, but he stated he does not. I asked him about David Weck this week, but so far no reply. People- get on Twitter will you, it’s very nerdy but very democratic!

Im too much of a twit to tweet. Don’t know how. Don’t even know if my limited cell phone “tweets”. ESTI probably tweets with that new DROID he got. Haha