David Rudisha

Having personally been captivated by Rudisha’s 800m performances earlier this year, breaking and re-breaking the world record, I recently found this video of him going 46.5 in the 400m back in February with a short interview that follows.


The rhythm, relaxation, and seeming ease at which he executes these grueling races is fascinating to me.

Excellent find James. Not sure if you saw this from KK in the Analyse this thread

[i]I received the following message from James Templeton, agent/manager for David Rudisha and most of Brother Colm O’Connell’s athletes over the last decade. This note refers to David’s 45.50 in Sydney in late February 2010 and the 1:43.1 in Melbourne a few days later in early March this year:

"It went pretty well mate!! Jesus he looked good; passing 400 in 50-low (Sammy 50.00) looking like he was running a 15km road race!!! I’m pretty excited about the summer…to now he’s just been doing base training – steady runs, fartleks, strides and a couple of time trials. A track session last week was 2 x 400 in 57, 3 x 300 in 41 and 3-4 x 200 in 25. So it’s nothing specific as yet; the 45.5 and the 1:43.1 are just on good solid fitness and natural talent…

It’s hard to imagine him not putting a real challenge on that 1:41.11 in the summer. Maurie thinks he’ll challenge the 1:40 barrier. Now that would be something…

JT [/i]

I missed that. Thanks for sharing

An 800m runner who probably has sub 45.0 potential for the 400, incredible.

Based upon the perceived relaxation he maintained in Rieti while re-breaking his WR he definitely has my confidence in him going sub 140.

In Berlin the rabbit cut 48.65 for the first 400. That translates to 8.22m/s. Rudisha looked to be 2 - 3m behind so let’s say he went 48.89-49.01. Going 141.09 for the 800 gives him 52.08 - 52.2 for the 2nd 400

139.98 translates to 49.9 splits

I say he does it

If I’m his coach I aim for increasing his speed to 45 low or even sub 45 for the 400 and his speed reserve will cover the spread

I heard a few months back that Rudisha obviously comes from good stock. Not that this wasn’t clear from his performances alone.

His dad, Daniel, was on the silver medal winning 4 x 4 team for Kenya in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games.

Yes that was mentioned in another youtube clip I saw pertaining to his homecoming


Excellent find