David Gettis: 46.08 !!

High School senior David Gettis of Dorsey High School in Los Angeles just ran 46.08 for 400m at the LA Section Finals… Fastest time in 10 years by a CA prep, and the state meet is next weekend… Could we see a 45.x performance by him?? I think it’s very possible. Looks like it will be another great CA State Meet.

Link: www.dyestatcal.com

Yeah, I’ve seen him run before, and he was out for over a month with a hamstring injury. I read in the newspaper this morning a quote by him where he basically said this was the first time he’s pushed it since the injury, and he wants to go for the national prep record of 45.3 (something around there) before the season is over.

I think he could do it… or come close… either way, blazing!

National prep record is 44.69 by Darrel Robinson.
No way is he getting it this season.

Maybe it was the California state record and I just misread it, because I know that this 46.08 set a City Section record, but it’s definetly not the state record. Either way, he’s still hauling.

Isnt the CA record held by Calvin Harrison? I’m pretty sure it is in the 45’s… Could be threatened… Yeah no way he would hit 44 this season; but he is going to Baylor. Can we say yet ANOTHER Clyde Hart prodegy?