David Beckam olympic handover - disgrace !!

This makes me sick. In the closing ceremony, David beckam will be involved with the handover from Beijing officials to the British.

Like, whats he got to do with the olympics?
F%$£ck all! He’s never competed at an olympics in his life. Some newspapers have suggested he’s odds on fave to light the olympic flame in London 2012. He’s not even England’s best football player, let alone the worlds. And even if he was, he’d still not have the right to light the flame. That honor should go to Steve Redgrave who has won 5 golds from 5 seperate olympics. For David Beckam to be even involved in the handover is a disgrace and an insult to olympic athletes.

Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this. If he lights the flame in London, I will puke in to a bag, and send it to the british olympic comitte.

They are going for style over substance. They might as well let Elton John light the flame.
Hell, they should let Charlie Francis light the flame. That would be worth watching, and good compensation.


Why not have Amy Winehouse no style and full of substance(s) :smiley: .

I hope that does not get me a warning :wink:

Gee … relax man!

I hear you though - maybe he’ll go up in flames?

The Uk have already announced they won’t be competing with China in terms of the money that was spent (… probably spent it all on getting Beckham for this stunt)

I’d be afraid I’d be going into the flames after I lit it. Of course, Elton John is flaming already.

:smiley: I chortled

I didn’t know who the hell Steve Redgrave was. That’s probably why Becks is lighting it.

This is all for Asia… they’re Beckham mad.

England definitely knows who Steve Redgrave is.

Gold in rowing in 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000.

Try to picture it when becomes - Lord David :slight_smile:

Well he has tried to follow in Lord Coe’s footsteps but Victoria got pissed when he tried to get some on the side also. (Wait for the sequal- bend it like Clinton!)

when he tried to get some on the side also.

Is that why T. Lewis underperformed in 800m? :smiley: