Daughters 400m ran yesterday

My daughter ran in the Regional AAU JO meet Saturday.

She was going to run the 100m and 400m and see how she felt for the 200m.

They scheduled the 100m too close to the 400m so she chose to run the 400m…then she felt too tired to run the 200m.

She hasn’t ran in a meet for 2 weeks and only able to have practices with her maybe 4 times in that time, due to all her Finals and end of year projects she had to do during these 2 weeks…

School ended last week for summer, so lots of time to work on her running. She is very excited about the USATF District meet this coming weekend and the USATF National Qualifier in 2 weeks.

In yesterdays 400m, she ran 59.7.
2 weeks ago, she ran her latest PR of 59.47 in the 400m

She seems to run well throughout the race, the winner is going to be a Junior (AAU “Intermediate” age level) and the one my daughter almost caught is a Senior (AAU “Young” level), with my daughter going to be a sophmore.
Does it appear that she may have ran conservative, with the appearance of having “reserves” at the end of the 400m amost allowing her to catch the 2nd place runner?

I did notice that her arms were quite closed, especially compared to the other runners.

She also didn’t get the best of lanes in the race… Lane #6


Any thoughts and suggestions?

Just my thoughts here, I wouldn’t be too concerned with the arms, though I’m personally in favor of more midline up-stroke. As I mentioned to you on another website, I think it has helped our athlete though several other things were implemented simultaneously.

Lane 6 in an eight-lane equal quadrant track is not a bad draw, IMO. Though taking full advantage of it is important. If I recall Richards-Ross had a similar lane draw for her American Record as well.

I hope you are able to get in more races and/or simulated training bouts as necessary going forward.