Dart Fish Analysis


am interested in seeing what you have done with video analysis on dartfish…or any other coaches that use dartfish for that matter.

finally have my copy and am about to jump in the deep end after losing my previous rival software program when my notebook fried.

In fact would love to see this forum kick start with analysis of some start techniques of various developing athletes from coaches on this site.


I own dartifsh and have several videos of myself, teamates, athletes I’ve coached and pro’s from TV.
What should I post and how.
I like the suggestion.

The one area I would like to see improved on CF.com is the video analysis section. Better criteria and specific emphasis with video posts could help support the various arguments (not all or even most, however…) that exists.

I assume throughput and bandwidth are issues with the site.

For video analysis, i use pencil and paper, not much computers! So i seldom use dartfish. Eyes (watching) are not enough, pencil (drawing) is the interface between object and subject, this way you can understand what you are doing. I’ve always failed with softwares and computers… When i do chronophotographies, i don’t use dartfish, instead, i cut and adjust “manually” the pictures on photoshop, it takes 10x more times but you can understand better.

I assumed you did that because your work (like asafa strides) are not regular dartfish output! Another answer to KitKat’s question… how do you go from artist to coach!!!

hey quick

will look into how to download a vid file on here and get back to you but feel it could be a great thread…

i am not sure if dcw is still a member but when i first joined under other name in jan 2003 he was a wiz with the vid files


Even with regular dartfish output i use photoshop.

As a point of interest - what resolution would be acceptable for viewing:
And in what manner displayed:
[li]Within the post

i been trying all f------ week to get the vids to download the same way dcw did with no luck…

the worse thing is he even told me once what to do… must be getting old.

any one have an idea? want to post some start vids and open them to the forum.

Assuming that you have uploaded to a repository location on the net, you can then use the hyperlink button ( ) from the reply screen. At least that is how I do it.


care to talk me through it? any help greatly appreciated


In my experience on this site, you can either have a video segment displayed in a post through the image option or linked off-site. The former allows video to appear with the post. However, since in most cases, the format of the video file is raster (e.g., motion jpeg, gif, etc.), a vector file developed from Dartfish may require conversion. DCW was really good at this. I also use Animation Shop to accomplish this activity.

Again, if you wish to maintain the file in vector format (e.g., avi, mpeg, etc.) you can use the hyperlink option. However, the video doesn’t appear in the post - only a underlined reference link.

The former:

The latter:
Bob Hayes

What is the file size and resolution of the video you want to upload? What file format? Remember that you need to upload in a file format that is common to this site.

Feel free to PM me if you need more detail. I’m not the expert, but I’m certainly willing to help to advance the board. In addition, I’m certain that the Exec Committee can help as well!