Darrell Green claims a 4.43 40 at 50 yrs old!


Former Washington Redskins cornerback Darrell Green just turned 50. How did he celebrate? By proving that he’s still way, way faster than you.

Green, via his Twitter account, claims to have run a 40-yard-dash in 4.43 seconds, and then claimed to be the fastest baby boomer alive. I’m not going to argue with him. Here are three consecutive tweets from Green.

Quick update from the Birthday Boy:) I think today I became the fastest 50 year old in the world! @9AM today, I celebrated my 50th BDay…

By running the 40 yard dash in Orlando, Florida in a time of 4.43! FYI, all born between 1946 -1964 are baby boomers…

I’m guessing that makes me the fastest baby boomer! I would say, thats really booming. Are you?

Later this month when the NFL scouting combine gets underway, we’ll hear about countless 40-yard-dash times, and most of them, including many among the receivers, running backs and cornerbacks, will be slower than the time Darrell Green just posted at the age of 50.

That’s insane. Most 50-year-olds won’t go that fast in a car. It seems borderline unnatural.

Chad Ochocinco’s(notes) always talking about racing somebody for charity. I say we set up a Darrell Green vs. Ochocinco race.

“Ochocinco” would be crazy to race a 50 year old man. If he lost, or if Green was even close (which he probably would be) it would be a real problem for “Ochocinco.”

Author is right - 4.4 at 50 years is insane.

Depends who’s timing. Give me a stopwatch and my grandma can run 4.4. I wonder why he didn’t run the Milrose NFL deal.

If he admits he’d clock his grandma running 40yds in 4.4…I won’t be seeking out mortac8 to time my athletes.:smiley:

Did Green hold the stop watch himself as he ran; get clocked on first movement or did he actually have an independent timer who clocked him off the smoke of a gun?

I’d be very surprised if he could, at the age of 50, genuinely run 4.43 for 40yds, especially if an experienced & reputable ‘clocker’ was doing the timing.

Yes, one of the drawbacks of the internet and Twitter. 20 years ago, this 50 year old guy would only be able to tell the other schmuck at the end of the bar about his recent exploits. Now we all have to hear about it.