Darrell Green 4.2 electronic 40yd Dash at 40yrs Old


The lasers are clearly visible, at least at what appears to be the 10yd line, so I suspect the whole race was electronically timed though it is not clear how the start was initiated.

Incredibly impressive time, period, especially considering his age as well as his mechanics that seem to have room to have been optimized.

His chin rising near the finish seems to indicate that a faster time would have been possible and after watching the film paused and clicking along with the cursor it appears as if he over rotates at the hip although it’s difficult to say for sure given the camera angle and limited ability to manipulate the playback.

It is said that he was once clocked at a 4.09 in 1986 though I’m not sure of the timing method.

At any rate, one of the fastest to have ever played in the NFL who was also a tremendous football player, perhaps one of the greatest corners ever, and recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his first time up.

4.2 with old school training, stadium steps, hills,and 300m sprints.

Man, he is sickly fast. I’ve never seen someone that age move so quickly. Did he ever run track, and if so, what were his times?

School record 10.08 - 1983


Michael Bennett ( 4.13 @ Wisconsin pro day)

Deion Sanders (3.96 and 4.57 backwards @ Florida State University Pro Day)[5]

Devin Hester (4.311 and a 4.38 @ Miami Pro Day, 4.45 @ 2006 NFL Combine, 100 speed in Madden 08)[5]

Reggie Bush (4.33 @ University of Southern California at Pro Day 2006)[5]

Laveranues Coles (4.16 @ Florida State University, 4.29 @ Jets Media Guide)[5]

Ahman Green (4.17 @ Pre-Draft Workout in Nebraska)[5]

Donte Stallworth (4.22 @ 2003 Tennessee Pro Day)[5]

Willie Parker (4.23 @ 2004 North Carolina Pro Day)[5]

Randy Moss (4.25 @ Marshall University)[5]

Champ Bailey (4.28 @ 1999 NFL Combine)[5]

Willis McGahee (4.76 @ Miami Pre-Injury)[5]

That aint shit. Willie gault just ran 21.8 in the 200 at some meet in cali a few years ago. I will look for the official results. He 45+. Speed and endurance


Do you know if his training was really like that?

Just curious.

Im serious thats what he did for his training, very lil weights.


So are you saying that the old school stuff actually works?!

Also sickly fast. Thanks for the link.

It looks like about 50-55 when people really start to tail off.

Track guys -
Excuse my ignorance here, but I’d like to know:

OK, so let’s say that D. Green ran an electronic 4.2, or that Deion really did run a 4.0…

Regardless of the fact that 100m sprinters use blocks, how do these times compare with Ben or Carl? I’ve read speed trap, but I don’t recall seeing the 40 M split time (and then there’s the whole M/yard conversion thing…)

Just curious, because I think many 40 times that I hear are just absurdly fast, and I like to have a point of reference!

Frederico Fischer ran 17.53 at 90+ years old!

Well, Trindon Holliday has run 6.60 FAT, 10.02 FAT, and 4.27 at a combine in the 40yd. Since Trindon is 5’5" and over 170 lbs, we can assume that his initial acceleration is especially strong. From this, one can conclude that if he was in similar shape for all of his performances, then mid 4.2s in the 40yd dash with a manual start and laser finish (like the combine) are the equivalent of low 10s in the 100M.

I don’t believe for a second Deion ran 4.0 electric timed and I’d like to see if the 4.2 was actually 4.20 because a number of guys have run sub 4.3 at the combine, but 4.20 is kind of out there.

Brian Witherspoon was timed by Joe DeFranco at 4.15.

he didnt run no damn 4.15.

CB/KR Brian Witherspoon (5-10 3/8,. 175): This prospect from Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Ala., was invited to take part in workouts – he has great numbers but no football experience. He ran the 40 in 4.33 and 4.29, had a 40–inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 10-inch long jump, 4.36 short shuttle, 6.86 cone drill, and ran position drills for cornerback and kick returns.

Handtime 4.3.

Here is what joe said about Spoon’s 40 on elitefts.com

What did Spoon run ?

Spoon stepped up BIGTIME…as we all expected!!!

There were 16 different NFL scouts from 16 different teams at Alabama’s Pro Day.

Spoon’s 40 times ranged from 4.16 - 4.22!! (The inside scoop is that his “official” time is going to be posted at 4.20, even though he averaged 4.1. This is because NO ONE has ever run an official 4.1 and it would make the NFL Combine committee look really dumb for not inviting him to the NFL Combine. This is sad, but very, very true! But, we’ll take a 4.20…this is the fastest recorded time this year and maybe EVER.)

Oh yeah, he vertical jumped 41" and benched 225 18 times!! (He officially weighed in at 178lbs. which is 10lbs. heavier than when he ran his 4.25 second 40-yard dash and vertical jumped 37" during his 1st week of training with us.)


I dont care what Joe said about sponny, all matter what nfl.com said.:slight_smile: