Dara Torres

Olympic Champ Tries Again - At 41
SUN VALLEY, Ida., May 29, 2008(CBS) At 41, Dara Torres should be settling into life as a mom, teaching two-year-old Tessa to swim and savoring her twenty years of gold medal memories from a record four Olympic games.

But Torres is not the “retiring” type. Twenty-four years after her first Olympic games, she’s back in the swim again.

“You have nine Olympic medals. You have the records. I mean, you’ve done it all!” CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella said.

“I’m just selfish,” Torres said. “No, I’m just kidding. You know, I get … asked that a lot. Like, why? Why are you doing this? And the best answer I can give is, ‘because I can.’”

Torres is now prepping for an unprecedented fifth Olympic trials - a dream born in that community pool in Florida, where she swam to stay fit while carrying Tessa.

“These middle-aged men would start racing me, and I would look down at my belly and I’m like, ‘do they not see that I have like six months of belly here?’ or, ‘what are they doing?’” she said.

It all stoked her competitive juices and at the U.S. Nationals last August, wearing goggles older than some of her teenaged competitors, Torres stunned everyone, including Torres.

“Torres! A new American record!” an announcer said.

That American record? It was one Torres herself set - eight years ago.

“And the first thing I thought was, ‘wow, can I go faster? How do I get faster?’” she sid.

You might thing that because Torres is twice the age of her competitors, she has to do twice the work in the pool. Not true. She actually does half.

Most of her training is on dry land … 90 minutes of grueling “core” exercises, twisting, pulling and hurling her body into shape.

It’s an unconventional approach for an unconventional athlete.

Cobiella said to Julie Strupp, Torres’ 23-year-old teammate, “she was in the Olympics before you were born.”

“Looking at what she does in the weight room, outside the pool, in the pool, and she has a daughter - it’s unbelievable what she does,” Strupp said.

A little “too” unbelievable for some, who question whether a 41 year old can do all this without chemical help. Which is why Torres went to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency herself. To prove she can.

“I don’t care,” she said. “You can DNA test me, blood test me, urine test me. I’m an open book. Just test me so I can show people I’m doing this the right way.”

The right way isn’t the easy way … even for her.

“This is a big challenge for me,” she said. “And I’m hoping that I can pave the way for other athletes or even everyday people who think they’re too old to do something that they really wanna do.”

Like perhaps win a little more jewelry, gold jewelry, for daughter Tessa.



Got a silver as part of 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay and could be Olympic Champ in under an hours time. Top qualifier in the 50m Freestyle.

NO more swimming I can’t take it anymore. Hey by the way the semi finals of the world’s second most popular sport are on. Ten seconds later, now back to the swimming. 2 hours later. Now the second heat of the semi final. Ten minutes later… One hundred finals coming up. Two hours later…still no finals…

Okayyyy… When are the 100m finals on?

Did I miss it already?


Rank Lane Name NOC R.T. Time Time Behind
1 3 STEFFEN Britta GermanyGER 0.80 24.06
2 4 TORRES Dara United StatesUSA 0.73 24.07
0.01 AM
3 5 CAMPBELL Cate AustraliaAUS 0.77 24.17
4 2 TRICKETT Lisbeth AustraliaAUS 0.71 24.25
5 6 VELDHUIS Marleen NetherlandsNED 0.81 24.26
6 1 JOYCE Kara Lynn United StatesUSA 0.74 24.63
7 7 SCHREUDER Hinkelien NetherlandsNED 0.79 24.65
8 8 GERASIMENYA Aleksandra BelarusBLR 0.75 24.77

The real story of the women’s sprint event was Cate Campbell. The simplicity of her stroke execution is beautiful to watch. She is also not near her physical limits in specific strength and power as she is only 16y/0. She still managed to win bronze.

Dara Torres needed many years to swim that time tonight as well as a variety of “extras”.
Watch Cate she is a going to be amazing…likely first women to break 23.9.

Clearly you do not understand to kind of work and commitment required to move through water quickly or maintaining effort in water over extended periods of time.
Many swimming coaches look to track for information. I would suppose you are a track coach that wouldn’t value what a swimming coach could offer.

No, I wanted to see the mens 100 meter final. And 90% of the time they have shown swimming. Alright I get it. Enough swimming. They make the 100 meter final secondary and it is the single most watched event in the world. I don’t have to like swimming (even though I do). Its a free country. I can watch what I want to watch. If my priority is to watch track over swimming then its my priority.

100m finals on at 11:38 at night. What a bloody disgrace.

if you like something don’t complain about it.

I like the NFL. BUt if the 100m dash was on during the superbowl I would be pissed that I could not watch the 100m.

And your probably thinking ok he wasn’t complaining about swimming. Well not exactly. They have shown swimming way too much and not given enough attention to the rest of the olympic sports. NBC has done a very poor job in its coverage of other sports in my opinion. I am not the only that shares this opinion. So I guess technically I was complaining. Too much time given to swimming. There I said it again. If this makes me someone who is ignorant to the sport I don’t care. Like I said I like swimming. I like baseball too. But too much of it is not a good thing for me. I am not going to get my training from swimming, but I do like to understand the workouts. Just for kicks though. EIther way. I want coverage for all the events. I want to see the number 2 sport in the world, track and field. You see in my country no one gives a crap about athletics, but I do. So there you have it. :smiley:

I think I have seen more camera time on Michael Phelps’ mom than I have any 100m sprinter.

ok fine…

I know this argument is over…but go to the yahoo search engine and type…

nbc coverage of the olympics is horrible

and see how many searches come up on it. Even I did not realize how many people are upset about it so far.

ok i did it. you are right.

wait…have your noticed that the biggest story of the games thus far is that one athlete is dominating the swimming competiton? He is also winning more gold medals (and setting world records) than any other athlete ever (more than some countries).

Oh and he clearly has a set of skills that is unmatched and deeper than any other individual in any sport.

Also consider the number of world class swims he has put forward over the course of the competition.

I love the 100m in track but the real stories are found in the pool thus far.

Maybe men’s soccer will change that…i doubt it.

i value some of the info u provide here though…no hard feelings

Are you shiiiting me??! There are 6 ways of winning a gold medal for swimming 200m!!!


Not sure what you are implying but I think I understood your English the first time.

If you are suggesting there is 6 200m races at the Olympics there are only 5.

Each one requires specific training in the stroke or a full toolbox technically for the 200im. As well as a training background that is very deep. Remember water is 800x denser than air. At top speeds that resistance is cubed.

It is almost unthinkable to coaches that a swimmer can be completly trained at the highest level to swim the spectrum of events that phelps does. There are similarities in training plans but it is very tough to manage unless the athlete is very special.

200m Free, 200m Fly, 200m Breast, 200m Back, 200m IM, 200m Relay (5 Individual + 1 Relay). I’m guessing the relay has been counted

Don’t even argue. Everyone (most everyone) knows that Phelps is a bigger story.

right but the individual events are toughest to prepare for

sorry i should have considered to relay 4 x 200.