daily calorie requirements for athlets

so, here is the deal, i was reading a book that was called “athletic nutrition” or something, and it was saying tha the calorie requirements of a profetional sprinter range in the 5800 kcal/day

now im guessing tha he is probably training 3.5-4 hours a day

on the other had, i read a fairly recent paper (1997) by some greek doctors that said tha the BMR of a sprinter would be


BW->body weight in kgr
BH=body height in cm

say for a 78 kgr, 179 cm, 22 age athlet that would be 1784 kcal/day, he then randombly said that you multiply that with 0.2 for the regular daily routine that obviously (as far as i understand) includes the thermogenic effect of food an asumes a random obviously low(?) level of overal activity. And then adds the kcals spend in training. Say a sprinter that traines 3.5 hours a day, doing 11/2 hours of weight lifting, and 2 hours of track training would need (Acording to his tables)

weight lifting kcals=0.0890min78kgr=560 kcal thats assuming no worm up and cool down. Lets break it up a bit more say that those 90 mins are actually 70 mins of actuall weight training and include 10 mins of steady pace (11km/h) 5 mins of dynamic warm up and 5 mins of static steching. the whole thing ads up to

weight lifting=0.087078=436kcal
streching=(well nothing really:P)
dynamic warm up=0.06578=23.4

578 kcals

add to that 2 hours of track training, the jack ass here doesnt say what the energy reqs are for sprints, he only figures running up to 21 km/h so i really cant say, and that is the reason of my post actually:P

a)how the hell do i break down an sprinters training
b)what are the calorie requariments of someone that trains 3/week 90 min weights and 3/week 200m sprint trainings and 2/week relatively “easy” martial arts
c)i need some theory behind energy requirements if you have some form of books to sugest, anything would be VERY helpfull

anyway, thanx a bunch:)

p.s in any case even if 2 hours of sprints burn like 1500 kcals our athlete needs like 3200-3500 kcals

do the same calculation with the harry benedict or durrin parssmore equasions and you have some 5200-5800 kcals the difference is obviously extreme…

Check www.Johnberardi.com.
He has got 2 articles and a calculator which calcualtes your total caloric needs based on a number of factors.

well thats the point, those formulas are based on the haris benedict, wich dates from 1919:P

actually what bugs me is the energy requirements of sendetery life coupled with training

say that i have 1800 kcals BMR, i train 2hours/day 1h weights 1h sprints. The rest of the day im a couch potato, stadying in my room waching tv. How many cals do i need then?

the haris benedict thingy states that sendetery lifestyle should bring me to 2400-2500 i.e with training i should eat 3100-3500 just to maintain, that seems an oughfull lot!