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No problems. Was interesting to see some of the data. I was very interested in Sally’s hurdle data. Interesting that with her 100m pb of 11.14s that she has run 12.28s. It seems that with 100m pbs of 11.4? for Carruthers and 11.66s for Harper that are probably maxing out or even beyond it. Sally just burns them the first 60m. The question is can Sally run faster and / or do the American girls need to be faster? Should someone like Gail Devers have taken that 100m Hurdle time down to 12.0 low or even under with her 10.8 speed? Lots to ponder…

Carruthers set her 100m PB (11.43) in 2001 when she was running 12.95 over the hurdles. Unlike other female hurdlers, Sally Pearson competes regularly in the sprints, even at international level (2007 WC, 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games). I’m sure her competitors would have significantly better 100m PBs if they ran this event as often as she does. Having said that, I also think that Sally in 12.28 hurdles shape can run faster than 11.14. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games she ran 11.28 and 12.67.

I think there is much in the following diatribe that applies to many of these performers. Certainly Jones is one of note.

Sally Pearson is going to run the 100m in Rieti on Saturday in an effort to break the Australian record (11.12). This should give us a better idea as to what kind of speed she is really capable of.

I think 10.9 might be in the cards with good conditions.

Sub 11.12 is a chance if she hasn’t come off since the worlds. If she has we are probably looking around 11.10-11.15 (assuming legal conditions). To go 10.9s we are talking 10.5m/s segments and going close to 7.00s possibly even under for 60m then holding comfortably over 10m second through the last 40m. Thats a big step up from 11.14s speed. Evening assuming a world class last 40m for a female 3.85-3.90. She would be looking at a 7.00-7.05s first 60m. From her run the other day she looks capable of finishing in sub 4.00s last 40m speed which is an average speed of 10m/s but then she would have to go 6.90s for the first 60m which means she would be hitting around 10.6m/s speed. I know she is fast over the first 60m in a hurdle race but no disrespect to the other hurdlers in the race they look like they would struggle to run 7.2-7.3s for 60m so this is possibly magnified at present. On the other hand slap a 2m tail wind behind her something to chase (Shelley Ann Fraser) and sub 11s could be on the cards. What a great bookend to a season that would be for such a great athlete!!! I would love to see it!!!

Her previous 100mH PB was 12.50. It’s now 12.28. To me, good conditions include a strong legal tailwind.

Points taken…might have to place a bet!