D1 college track??

there is no question that i’m going to run track in college (hurdles/400m/HJ/combined events,) but it’s a bit of a tough call for me because i’m not too familiar with how D1 schools operate…

i’ve been recruited by tons of D3 schools, some random D2’s, and a couple of D1’s. the D3’s for the most part I would immediately be the top hurdler, and in some cases the top athlete in 4 or 5 events, but i want to be the worst on the team so that I will be motivated to work harder. i haven’t been in touch with the head coach at my early dec. school (mark young at yale) but i need advice on how to represent myself- i have the work ethic, the dedication, the captaincies, and all the right awards and honors, but I feel like these mean nothing if the times aren’t there…

i haven’t been a state champion but the potential for improvement is there, and at my best i’m top three in Mass. does anyone have any advice on how a program like Yale’s might look at me? the academics alone probably won’t be enough to get me in… I need the coach to like me :rolleyes:

first thing to do is look at each program wheater it be D1 D2 D3. You gotta see the improvement rate over the year of the athletes and find out the coaches philosophy and what type of training program he uses. You also need to see what type of schedule they have. The thing with deciding to go d1 or d3 is ually about the money. Some people simply go d1 because they can get money. It all comes down what you want out of it. Look at it this way. Please dont take this as an insult. Based on your performances if you work hard you may be able to be an all american in d3. However with the same performance that may give you all american status in d3 may not even give you all conference staus in d1 and forget about being all american in d1. If you have seen the times to even get into nationals you need to be running times almost fast enough to qualify for olympic trials.

SO basically as i said it all comes down to what you want out of it. If your goal is to be all american and do some damage and be a star going to a d3 school may be your best bet. If you want your schooling to be paid for and are just satisfied with doing good for your team and maybee on the conference level going to a d1 school may be a better option.
But remember when you are all american nobody asks or even cares if it was d1 d2 or d3.

Just my thoughts.

Go to V.C.U. you can train with me.