cytofuse alternative

I have used cytofuse before and want to recommend it to a customer but now that they do not make it I need a alternative. The reason I wanted to recommend it was that it has no cholesterol and his doctor wants to minimize that since he has high cholesterol count. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Amos

I believe cytofuse is still out there, it is made in a new flavor now though (Watermelon). Mister C still uses it, I think he may be able to help you out though with a # you can reach.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll wait for jis response. Amos

Yep. Not a problem.

Contact Blackstar Labs.

Or try Dave: 630-444-1800

Yeah, give Dave a call at that number. That’s what I use and there were no problems. Only thing is that they’ve changed the flavor from Chocolate to a Watermelon/Tropical. I think it tastes even better the new way, but some might not like it I suppose.

Mister C…I hear you’re the man to speak to about this product! Tell me more please bro!

*Results and Gains


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