Cutting weight

Any ideas on how to introduce weight loss. The footbally athlete I am presently coaching in off sesaon wants to drop weight. He put on a lot of solid muscle last off season and it slowed him down and did not get to play.
I did not work with him last off season.
I told him proper diet and working with me will be fine, but if you want to cut - try just lowering your carb intake.
Please if there is anything else - fire away.
He is interested in supplements

There is plenty of stuff out there - but the key point must be keep it simple.
Attack it from 2 sides - diet and exercise, diet first …
My suggested order of work would be …

Providing muscle strength is sufficient …

  1. Tie Diet Down - Use only good food sources.
  2. Plenty of protein 25-35 grams per sitting
  3. Remove all unecessary and poor source Carbs
  4. Add short am tempo/cardio sessions for a short period to use up a little fat stores
  5. Only then look at supplements.
  6. Keep Lifting heavy
  7. Drink plenty of water

L-Carnitine and coffe are the only legal ones.
2 grams and a cup of strong black coffee pre am exercise

… just a dew ideas

go to and read anything by John Berardi. Not a low carb diet, but one without bread, pasta, rice, etc…, get your carbs from fruits and vegitables. As well why do you say he slowed down? What position? As well eat lean protein, and whole foods as often as possible. Ive been following this for a few weeks and have been dropping bodyfat like crazy. As well tell him not to worry about his weight, just follow a proper diet, lifting program, and sprinting program and the weight will take care of itself as far as evening out to a point where speed will be optimal. For ex., I gained weight last week with my training, but I am not worried, i feel more powerful and explosive. Also you might want to check where hes weak(ie he could be big but weak in the p-chain), flexability issues(hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors), because those are big hinderances in acc(the more important aspect of speed in football). Really a focul point should be position specific drills too(ie if hes a lineman have him practice firing out of his stance, changing direction and pursuing). Tempo sessions most definately, sled dragging could be an option as far as conditioning and fat loss. Look at xlr8’s log for when he prepared for the combine, ask him, hes a strong lean agile guy from what Ive read, he knows what hes talking about to as far as the application to football as hes done it.

Yes, except I think there are other guys on the forum who are much more knowledgeable about fat loss than I am. I have been blessed with a fast metabolism and haven’t really had to worry about body composition.

That said, the advice above sounds good to me. Look at your diet and training first and make sure you have that straight, then look at sups. Seems to me that extensive tempo work will be critical as well as high quality sprinting and lifting to keep the strength and explosion.

[QUOTE=xlr8]Yes, except I think there are other guys on the forum who are much more knowledgeable about fat loss than I am. I have been blessed with a fast metabolism and haven’t really had to worry about body composition.
Yes, he said the kid was a football player so I was telling him to look at what you have done as far as application of the system.

I’ve had good results from Berardi’s Massive Eating/Don’t Diet Diet, especially when combined with an extra day of tempo thrown in during the week. Seemed to work very well for maintaining (even gaining) strength while cutting extra body fat off. I’m a former football player who puts on weight very easily, and must carefully watch what I eat. When following Berardi’s principles, I can basically fill my face with healthy food over six meals per day, still feel satiated, and still drop the extra body fat.

check out:

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For his “Don’t Diet” Diet, you’d have to do a search on the T-mag website. It was found in one of his Q&A columns, and is just a lower calorie version of the massive eating.

What svass stated sound right. If you follow a frequency diet based on combos you will eat a lot and wonder why you are constantly eating and loosing fat. This takes a long time to do and you must purchase tubs and travel bags. I find fat loss easy…only if I am in control.