Custom training programs?

How do CF site members get custom training programs? Apologies if this has been asked before.

that’s very general; give the forum some more info…

what exactly do you mean?

I think he noticed the new forum called “Custom Training Programs,” where it says that if you have a training program designed by Charlie (I think) then you can discuss your progress and stuff in that forum. To be honest with you, I didnt know the site offered such a thing, and I think maybe you get one if you talk to him on the phone when you order that from the store. I’m not sure though.

email Rupert

my apologies!
didn’t know it either…

Thats what I meant, just better explained by yourself. I’ll e-mail Rupert then.

Hi John, Members,

Custom Training programs are most certainly available, just private message me. My email is a huge 200 car pile up everyday, so PM will work best.