Cunliffe Camp

Anybody know who is coaching Hannah now that she left Oregon?

Her Dad is now again.

So I read she left oregon, even dropped out of school…whats up with that.
Wonder why she left, is it because of injuries…and why not get your degree atleast?
Oh well whatever.

Cant wait to see how this unfolds

Degree??? White folks don’t need college.

agreed, im sure she will probably get a contract equal to or better than elaine thompson…no medals needed

She signed with Adidas… And she works out sometimes at UW…So should I assume her dad trains her & another girl there?

unless she has some super special deal, I doubt adidas will have her just get coached by her dad under contract. Who else has he produced?

Not sure… I know he has a AAU team & her brother is playing D1 Hoop… But yes… I gotta agree with you… Correct me if I’m wrong but if your under contract, most shoe companies want you to be coached by 1 of their own??

Maybe in the very near future, but it’s her Dad for the time being. Damn, 8 kids!!! Pure speed/power guy - S2L…^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author Fetish for black men? LOL