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I’m still waiting for the e-book. My paypal account says that i sent the payment but I have not gotten the confirmation from CF.com. How long does it take? Also please refund one of the 2 payments that i sent out by accident. There was a problem with my paypal and something happened and I didn’t know that I had already sent out one payment when I sent the 2nd payment. My computer was acting up and it got me angry. I guess i hit something that caused the first payment via my banking account by mistake. I tried emailing a few times but I did not get any replies.

Louis Truett
Order Number CFS-1992

I’ll contact Rupert (he was away this weekend)

Just checked, your refund has gone through so your E-book should also be there. If you have a problem opening it, contact info@charliefrancis.com for help

Thanks. I just checked the order status and it’s still pending. I will wait a couple hours while I lookfor parts to make my own homemade GHR w/ toe plate and reverse hyper as well. :smiley:

Have a great day!

Louis Truett, CSCS


You are pending because you paid by e-check. Only after I get notification that your payment has cleared (up to 4 days) will your order be marked complete. As Charlie has noted, your first payment was credited back to your account.

Questions? Please contact me at info@charliefrancis.com

Thank you