crystal light

what does anyone think about crystal light? good/bad?

I think it tastes good. As far as nutritional value i am not so sure.

what’s wrong with just water?

nothing is wrong with just water… but its plain. crystal light and other drinks are better for electrolyte replenishment.

Citric Acid Provides Tartness , Potassium Citrate Controls acidity , Aspartame Sweetener , Maltodextrin From Corn , Magnesium Oixide Prevents Caking , Natural Flavor , Acesulfame Potassium Sweetner , Lemon Juice Solids , Artificial Color , Yellow 5 Lake , BHA Preserves Freshness , Phenylketonurics Contains Phenylalanine

why bother with dyes and such when there are other ways to get these electrolytes in?

I think you can get tablets to put in water for electrolyte replacement…


I dont suggest that b/c you would have to know exactly how much elec’s concentration you lost, unless of course there is somesort of portable tool that can calculate for you that is easily attainable.

I think the best way is too get it from sport drinks (ie.gatorade is an excellent source), however, as I had mentioned in previous posts make sure you mix your drink half with water, especially when it comes to kid atheletes.

Even the better replacement drinks are pretty concentrated (for taste) so dilute them 50/50 with water (save some money while you’re at it!).


Charlie, aside form the ever most popular Gatorade, do you favor or know any brand name or not brand sports drinks that you would use/prefer?

I don’t really have a preference.

Doesnt “powerade” have Maltodextrin and “Gatorade” does not?

Maltodextrin helps absorbtion? am i correct? So would Powerade be better?

Aspartame seems to be everywhere. I have heard alot of negative things about it, but the FDA won´t touch it. Probably too much money behind it - all the big drink makers seem to use it.

I just did a search and found this. You may want to check it out. Or do your own search and make up your own mind.


Care to clarify, Clemson, or do I need a decoder ring?

Clemson - gottcha. Found my ring.

Don’t believe the hype - make your own.

For pure energy replacement:
Maltodextrin and Glucose 50-50.
5-8% solution
Squirt of Lemon/blackcurrant etc.

Post Exercise
Maltodextrin and Glucose 35-35 and Whey Protein 30.
5-8% solution
Squirt of Lemon/blackcurrant etc.

I think we’ve been here before. I would avoid sugars before training on power days in particular, as the primary fuel for this type of activity is amino acids. Sugars can be used to drive Aminos into the muscles more rapidly after extremely taxing work, but overuse of an insulin releasing drink may result in body fat stores, fluctuating blood sugar, which can simply cause catabolism at a different time of day, and, before practice, the kind of muscle-pump effect linked to injury with creatine and a loss of concentration abilities (deadly pre-race).

The biochemistry is very clear with galactose. I have used it with many athletes thanks to Nightmare with and without vitalyze. No loss of concentration and I have glucose readings to prove it.


What is your recommendations for a during workout drink for a soccer training.

My coach still favours long road-runs and/or long sprints with minimal rest.

Training lasts 1hr 45mins - including warmup

Tell me about galactose will you please? What do you use it for and why?

Thank you

He could clarify how he uses it, but he’s referring to G-push found at: