croatiansensation's training log

Sunday, August 22

5x10 Power Skips

Hang Cleans 6x3 (3x155, 1x160, 2x165)
Squats 2x5 (225), 2x4 (235), 2x3 (240), 2x2 (245), 2x1 (260)
Pullups 3x10
Weighted Crunches 4x10 @ 35
Bench 2x5 (175, 180), 2x4 (185), 2x3 (195), 2x2 (200), 1x1 (210), missed 225 (just barely!)

Monday, August 23, 2004
– recovery day
3x100 jump rope
3x35 Pushups
3x15 Ab Chair
Extensive Stretching— holds of 60 seconds each stretch

Been too lazy to post my workouts for a while, but ima start up again… We just had exams week, so no running, just lifting…

Monday, Dec 13
Squats 3x12 @ 195
RDLs 3x15 @ 70 (holding a 70lb DB)
Power Cleans 3x10 @ 130
DB Seated Shoulder Press 3x10 @ 40
Rows 3x10 @210
Abs x250

Tuesday, Dec 14
Snatch 3x8 @ 90
Bench 3x10 @ 145
Cut the workout short b/c i went home early to find out if i got into college… not good to skip the workout, but the focus level was waning

Wednesday, Thursday… OFF

Friday, Dec 17… First Day of Winter Break… So Sweet
Squats 3x12 @195
RDL 3x15 @ 70
Cleans 3x10 130
Seated Shoulder Press 3x10 @ 40 DBs
Rows 3x10 @ 195
Abs x200

Saturday, Dec 18
Snatch 3x8 @ 95
Bench 3x10 @ 145
Jammer Extension 3x10 @ 95
Pullups 3x10
Adductors 1x10 @ 70
Abductors 3x10 @ 70
Abs x250

I think three or four of the guys on my team are gonna run at the Missouri Southern high school indoor meet and the Mizzou All-Comers… Anyone else going to these meets?

so wat are ur events? sounds like a 100 from ur lifts. wat about ur pb’s?

yeah, i run the 100 and 200… im perdy slow, last year (junior year) i ran 11.3 and 23.3, i got a lot stronger over the summer (full squat went from 225 to 325, bench 185 to 235, clean 185 to 215) and i worked a lot on plyos, so hopefully i will be much improved…

Monday, 12/20
8x30m… First three were perfect, i was really driving, pushing back on the track
Squats 3x12 @ 195
RDL 3x15 @ 70
Cleans 3x10 @ 130
Rows 3x10 @210
DB Seated Shoulder 3x10 @ 45 each

Tuesday, 12/21

5x4 Hurdle Hops
15x Box Jump Series
Snatch 3x8 @ 95 (first set was actually 105 b/c i cant add)
Bench 3x10 @150
Jammer Extensions 3x10 @95
Pullups 3x10
Hip Adbduction & Adduction 1x10 @ 90
Plancks 4x 1:00

Felt pretty sore after yesterday, even tho this week we’re doing the same weights as last week… whatever, im soft

Exams week? I had it around the same time, u in Australia? Jel pricas hrvatski?

My bad, just saw your location: St Louis.

I’ve been feeling pretty sick the last couple days, so Wednesday I just did some stretching.

Thursday 12/23
12x20m- Felt decent on some of them, but b/c of the illness felt kinda ‘blah’
15xBox Jump Series
2x12 Squats @ 195
I just felt too weak/tired to do the lifting today… I think I will take off until Sunday to try and heal


I’m still feelin sick, but I think it might be gettin better. I decided to do the running for Monday today so that tomorrow is a bit easier on me.

15x20m (I had my dad videotape these)
15x Box Jump Series


A bunch of block work
3x12 Squats @ 195
RDLs 3x15 @ 75
Shoulder Press 3x10 @ 50 DBs


8x30m- I felt amazing on a couple of these; it was nice to put everything together for the first time!
15x Big Box Jumps (sorry for the useless name)
Pullups 3x10
Bench 3x10 @ 155 (actually, i only got 8 on the last one)
1.5 mile run outside

Today was REALLY encouraging (sp?). I have never felt as smooth or technically perfect as today. I hope I can make this automatic


So I’ve decided to go back to my own lifting program, cuz I just dont feel like the one my coach gave me is productive.

Snatch 6x3 @ 115
Squats 10x3 @ 235
RDL 3x10 @ 75
Plancks 4x1:00

This morning when i woke up i did
Plancks 4x1:00
Pushups 4x25

This afternoon
8x20m… i was sore from lifting yesterday, but numbers 3-5 felt really good
25xbox jump series
bench 3x10 @ 155
rows 3x10 @ 200

I havent posted in a long time, b/c of school and all the other worthless wastes of time in life. I’m gonna try and start posting on a consistent basis again.

Saturday, Jan 22
Warmup jog, stretch
Snatches 8x3 (4 @ 125, 4@130)
Squats 8x3 (4@245, 4@ 250)
RDLs 2x10 @ 70— Fast!
4x10 Pullups
4x15 Dips

Sunday 1/23
Today I just wanted to loosen up a bit.

20 min on exercise bike
somewhat extensive stretching
4x10 pullups
4x15 dips
2x10 hammer curls @ 25 (i know, my biceps are exceptionally weak)

I may or may not do some ab work later today…

Monday, jan 24

4x10 pullups
4x15 dips
2x1:30 plancks

Tuesday, Jan 25

17xBox Jump Series (would have done 20-25, but got kicked off by girls soccer team… how the heck do they have priority over track?!?)
2x10 Med Ball Caber Tosses (10lb)
2x10 Med Ball Underhand Fwd Tosses (10lb)
Mini Pilates Circuit (my old FB coach told me i should start doing pilates, so I will try and start adding them)
-10x Neck Pulls, Spine Twist, Leg Circles, Side Passes, Groin Lifts
4x15 Dips
4x10 Pullups
3x1:30 Plancks
Squat 3x3 @ 250

Wednesday 1/26

today was basically a tempo day

4x100, 100-100-100-200, 100-100-200-200, 200-100-100-100, 4x100

all 100s were 13.5 to 15, all 200s 33-36

Thursday 1/27

3x20m Block Starts
2x10 Pullups

I had wanted to do more block starts, but my calf cramped up on the third one. I felt hella fast once i got into rhythem, around 30 # 6 or so. I really cant wait till my first indoor meet, week from this sunday!

Friday 1/28

5x25m Block Starts
3x10 Pullups
3x40 Pushups
3x1:30 Plancks

My starts felt incredible. If I can run like that in my indoor meet, I think I can run a really good time.