Croatiansensation's 05/06 training log

Tuesday 8/2

**Circuit Ax3-- about 5:00 b/w circtuits
DB Bench x10 (55)
Chins x8
Twisties x10
Hammer Curls x10 (30, 30, 25)
Russian Twist x20 (25)
Shoulder Press x10 (35)
Situps x25

**Circuit Bx2
Squats x10 (185)
RDL x10 (55) +
Bodyweight Squats x10 +

Also, 3x20 pushups+situps

Wednesday 8/3

20 min run

Also, 3x20 pushups+situps and Flash’s myofascial stretch routine

About me: I just graduated from HS, where I ran 100 (11.2) and 200 (22.6). This next season I will be running the 400. I got very little coaching during the HS seasons and senior year i ended up essentially coaching the sprinters for my school, so I look fwd to doing things the right way this season. I may run for my college or I may compete unattatched and train under my club coach’s guidance.

Circuit Ax3
DB Bench x10 (60)
Chins x8
Twisties x10
Hammer Curls x10 (30)
Russian Twist x25
Shoulder Press x10 (35)
Situps x25

Circuit Bx2
Squats x10 (185)
RDL x10 (60)
Bodyweight Squats x15
Hypers x10


3x20+25 pushups+situps

90 minutes of tennis with a friend… we really suck at tennis, but it was fun, and it took a lot out of me

I realize that anyone reading this must find these workouts to be quite pansyish… they are, but I am trying to ease into my fall training. Things will pick up soon.

Friday 8/5
Full dynamic warmup
Drills (A, B, butt kicks, A Run, Fast Leg)
4x20m of Hip Strength Drills (two variations) and Lunges
1.5 mile run

3x20/25 Pushups/Situps

4x20/25 psuhups/situps

Monday 8/8
Full Warmup+Drills
4x250m Hill… I am so weak…

4x20/25 pushups/situps

Circuit Ax3
DB Bench x10 @ 60
Chins x9
Twisties x15
Hammer Curls x10 @ 30
DB Shoulder (Standing) x10 @ 35
DB Row x10 @ 35, 40, 40
Situps x25
Dips x10

Circuit Bx3
Squat x10 @ 185
RDL x10 @ 60
Bodyweight Squats x20
Hypers x12

5x 20/25 pushups/situps

Dynamic Warmup
4x20m walking lunges, Hip Drills
3x (10 burpees, 20 crunches, 10 tri pushups, 10 speedskaters, 15 prisoner squats)
some jogging

5x20/25 pushups/situps

sunday 8/14

I had intended to lift today, but the power was out up at school so I just did a little bit of general strength work instead.

Mile Jog
Leg Swings
Hurlde Stepovers
4x30m Hip Drills
2x30m Heel Walk + Toe Walk
5x20/25 pushups/situps


Power still out at school, so I worked out at the YMCA. An hour of driving before I finally started… Ugh

Squats 10(185), 8(195), 8(200) w/1:30 recov
DB Lunge 3x8 (35) w/1:30 recov
DB Bench 10-8-8 (60) w/1:30
DB Chest Flyes 3x8 (20-25-25) w/1:30
Lying Tri Extension 3x10 (40) w/1:00
Body Curls 3x8 w/1:30
10 dips

5x20/25 pushups/situps


8x200 @ 35 w/2:20 recov
Had trouble running 35 pace for 200… I kept hitting 30 and 31 no matter how much i tried to tone i t down. The last three I finally got about the correct pace.

3x1:00 Planck
3x20 pushups

Thursday 8/18

10 minute run up to local HS, did some stuff there, 11:30 run back (slightly different path), then did 3x1:00 planck, 3x20 pushups


Bent Rows (BB) 1x10 (115), 2x8 (125)
RDL 3x15 @ 60
Bent Over DB Flyes 3x8 (15)
Leg Curls 2x15 (95)
Body Curls 3x8
Tri Extension 2x10 (40, 50)
Dips 2x10
Planck 3x1:00


Squat 10 (195), 8(200), 8(200), 6 (210) w/1:30
Lunges 2x8 (35) w/1:30
DB Bench 10(60)-8(65)-8(65)-6(65) w/1:30
DB Chest Flies 3x8 (25) w/1:30
Tri Ext 3x10 (40-50-50) w/1:00
Body Curls 3x8
Planck 3x1:00

Gettin everythign ready to move into school on Thursday!