Critique Thor!

Here is a picture-sequence of me from a chilly day in march.
Critique are welcomed.

thor piture 2+5 are really 2 you are getting full extension(triple) and in 5 lookin look relaxed and mechanically very sound,the only slight problem i can see is you could open up slightly more with the arms on the up+back-swing but as this is not at top speed it may take care of itself as you sprint faster.

very good

Looks good!

just to clarify so i can get an idea of what you are observing, are you looking from the left or the right?

Actually I think it’s right to left. Look where he is in relation to the door.

Alex, you think so? I’m sorry but he is sprinting backwards.
Misunderstanding a little? :stuck_out_tongue:

quick sorry for not answering you properly.i am looking from left to right,looks weird because shots are usually posted vesa versa

Q in #2 you can see that thor is getting full extension with his left leg/triple extension as being full extension of the hip,knee #5 his back-stroke in the arm action is good but on the up-stroke i think he could just have a little more range rather than having it so close to his chest.technically he is sound but as i said before his arm action should improve the faster he goes.

BTW the black clothing dosen’t really help the viewing but thor overall your pretty sound,hope you keep it the same and run some good times!:shoot:

If he’s running backwards he has bitchin technique.:smiley:

Gentlemen ,thank you for your critiques.
As for you two youngsters(VG,Alex) ,remember the bad guys always enters from the right.

Why are you running on the road man. Are you getting away from the police!


Do you know where Fredrikstad is?

I love your passion for getting better. Keep up the good work.

funny you should ask ,that is the very town in which i live…

Do you know Vegar Bakken? He is a web artist…great stuff. Tell him I said hello.


Sorry ,dont know him. Dont frequent the same circles.

Hey thor, what are ur pb’s? Cuz i know looking fast for a second or so and running fast for a whole 100/200/400m is a different ball game lol.

In short my technique detoriated quickly after this and I spent about two years getting it back to what it looks like in the pictures (and slightly better - my stride has opened up more).

I did this by holding back when accellerating during early training and built upon that, but when it comes to competition - let’s just say that I need to do the same thing there. As it is, when the gun goes I’m completely lost, rushing everything. I need a race plan and will use this winter to get into it.

Do you work a lot on flexibility Thor? If so what do you do?

At the time those pictures where taken I was so stiff you would have to see it to believe it. Later on I stretched for around 3 hours a day for a year and got really flexible (just your standard stretches held for a minute at a time and repeated three times). This last year I haven’t stretched at all and are back to my old unflexible self. It doesn’t seem to affect my running at all even though I have never seen anyone as little flexible as myself.

Hey Thor what events do u take part in? what are ur pb’s in them and how old r u? Just curious