Critique my workout

I play DE and full back and I would like to know your thoughts on this workout.
In A I do 10x1 with 30 sec rest between sets then 3min between sets, In B 5x3 with 15 sec between reps and lifts
Day 1
A. 1)Snach Grip Deadlifts off Podium(add chains in week 2)
2)Peterson Step-Ups
3)Split Squats on Wobble Board
4)Cuban Press
5)Iron Cross

B. 1)Clean and Press
2)Push Press
3)Hack Squat
4)Cuban Press
5)High Step Ups

Day 2
A. 1)Eccentric Bench Press
2)Incline Bench Press(Add chains in week 2)
4)DB Rows
5)S.L. Hypers

B. 1)DE Bench Press(Add bands in week 2)
2)Plyo Push-Ups
3)Depth Push Ups
4)Overhead fwd med ball throws
6)Single Leg Hypers

Day 3
A. 1)Trap Bar Deadlifts off Podium(add chains in week 2)
2)Good Mornings
3)OH Squats(add chains in week 2)
4)King Deadlifts
5)G.H. Raises

B. 1)Snatch
2)Snatch Pulls(add chains in week 2)
3)DE Box Squats(add bands in week 2)
4)R.D.L. for speed(fast up, slow down)

Sprint work is performed in the A stage. The days listed match up with the weight lifting days. As well 5 yards are added per week and the amount of sprints are constant.
Day 1-W/ weighted vest
10x10 yards-90 sec. rest between
Rest 10 min then repeat

Day 2-Overspeed Training

Day 3-Max Speed
The first ten are done frome a laying down start, like in bach flags.
The second ten are performed with a flying start.

Plyometrics are performed during the B stage w/ 120 sec breaks between sets.

Day 1
1)Depth Jumps 4x10
2)Standing Long Jump into 10 yard sprint 45x
3)Explosive Box Squat 8x4

Day 3
1)Altitude Landings into 10 yard sprint 5x
2)Standing Long Jump 5x
3)Jump Squats 3x6

Conditioning is done in three forms. The first is sled dragging in part a and one strongman activity per day in b. The second is High rep DB snatches and clean and presses. The high rep db clean and presses and snatches remains constant throughout parts A&B, but the DB snatches and clean and presses volume in sets is cut in half in part B.

Day 1
High Rep DB Snatch-A)2x20

Day 3
High Rep DB Clean and Press-A)3x12

Sled Dragging-15 yards, 30 sec rest, on recovery days 2 trips per exercise.
Day 1-Drag for Power
Forward Drag
Pull Throughs

Day 2-Drag for Recovery
Forward Drag
Bent Over drag
Lateral walk, both ways
Front Raise

Day 3-Drag for Power
Forward Drag
Bakcwards Drag
Upright row

Day 4-Drag for Recovery
Forward Drag
Forward walk with straps on ankles
Backwards walk with straps on ankles
Rear Raise

Day 5-Drag for Power
Forward Drag
Walking Lunge
Seated Pull

Strongman Acitivity 1 min break between sets
Day 1
Super Yoke 5x 50 yards and back for speed

Day 2
Walking Deadlift for reps and speed

Day 3
Farmers Walk 5x100 yards and back

i dont know anything about American football but it could be overtraining. There is a LOT of strain on the CNS

Yes I kno, but i think i structured it well for a football workout, as it is much different from a track workout, if u read the entire thing there is an A and B portion and i did this split to avoid overtraining, as well each split lasts 4 weeks, with the 4th week the volume is cut in half. As well any sprints or plyometric activity is done in the the morning, then 7 hours later the weight training and dragging/strong man activity is done. The Tues, Thurs, Sats, and Suns are spent resting and doing various recovery things(ie tempo run, light sled drag, contrast shower, ice massage, w/e i feel like doing, but on the weekends i try to keep inactive). And also the most stressful workouts are four days appart, while the Day 2 workout is not nearly as stressfull as day 1 or 3, which i believe will allow adequete recovery. In the B cycle you can see there is hardly any sprinting done and only 2-3 truly stressful exercises performed each session. I dont kno if it was unclear, or mayb it is too much, but I will try to type up a more clear version, with complete seperation.Thanks for the input

Cycle A-The focus is on maximal strength
As a warm-up i perform two agility drills
Speed-Sprints are done in the morning first thing after the Warm up, 5 meters are added per week
Day 1-With a weighted vest on, 5-10% of my bodyweight
10x10m-90 sec between sprints
Rest 10min, repeat

Day 2-Overspeed training on a slight downhill(maybe 2-5 degrees)
same as day 1

Day 3-The first ten are done with a lying start, the second ten with a flying start
same as day 1

Plyo-These are done directly after speed work, 90 sec between sets
Day 1
Depth Jumps-4x8
Standing Triple Jump into 10 yard sprint-5x
Explosive Box Squat-5x4

Day 3
Altitude Landings into 10 yard sprint-5x
Standing Long Jump into 10 yard sprint-5x
Jump Squats-3x8

Weight Training-I keep the total reps per exercise low and the weight heavy(around 90-95% of 1RM) in an attempt to gain in max strength. 10x1, with 30 sec between sets, then 3-4 min between exercises(depends on how Im feeling) with the exception of exercises that i list set and reps next to

Snatch Deadlifts off Podium(add chains in week 2)
Peterson Step Ups
Split Squats
Cuban Press-3x10(1 min rest between sets)
Iron Cross-3x10(1 min rest between sets)

Day 2
Eccentric Bench Press
Incline Bench(add chains in week 2)
Pull-Ups-Pyramid Scheme
DB Rows
S.L. Hypers-4x8(1 min rest between sets)

Day 3
Trap Bar Deads on Podium(add chains in week 2)
Good Mornings
OH Squats(add chains in week 2)
King Deadlifts-4x6(1 min between sets)
Glute Ham Raises-4x8(1 min between sets)

Conditioning-I like high rep db snatches/clean and presses and sled dragging, going 20yards per drag with 30 sec between drags

Day 1-Drag for power
High Rep DB Snatch-2x20
Forward Drag
Pull Throughs

Day 2-Drag for power
High Reps DB Clean and Press-2x12
Forward Drag
Backwards Drag
Upright row

Day 3-Drag for power
Forward Drag
Walking Lunge
Seated Row

B cycle-The main focus here is explosiveness

Speed-Here I do a series of plyo’s into 20m sprints with 90 sec rest between sets)
Warm Up with 2 agility drills

Day 1
Bound for distance and height 30 m into 20 m sprint
Skip for height and distance 30m into 20m sprint

Day 2
Bound for speed 30m into 20 m sprint
10 tuck jumps into 20m sprint

Weights-The lifting scheme changes to 5x3 with 15 sec between reps and 2-3 min between sets.

Day 1
Snatch Pulls(add chains in week 2)
DE squat(add bands in week 2)
Explosive Reverse Hypers-4x6

Day 2
DE Bench(add bands in week 2)
Plyo Push Ups
Iron Cross-3x8(1 min between sets)
Med Ball overhead throws-4x4(1min rest between sets)
S.L. Hypers-4x8(1 min rest between sets)

Day 3
Clean and Press
Push Press
Hack Squat
High Step Up
Cuban Press-3x8(1min rest between sets)

Conditioning-In this cycle I use strongman exercises to condition and halve the high rep DB snatches and clean and presses

Day 1
High Rep snatch-1x20
Super Yoke-5x50 yard for speed

Day 2
High Rep DB clean and press-2x9
Walking Deadlift-this is done for reps and speed

Day 3
Farmers walk-5x100yards for speed
Car Push and Pull-Push a car 50 yards, pull it back, rest 30 sec, repeat 5x

Each cycle lasts 4 weeks, with the amount of sets being halved in the fourth week. For the high rep DB snatches and clean and press, the reps are halved in cycle B. For the lifts that involve 5x3, the sets go down to 2. As well plyo is halved and sled/strongman exercises are dropped.