critique my micro

Hi guys,

What do you think? Probably going to be 200/400 more so than 100/200.

Day 1 Power
4 x 200 3 minutes rest (Target back half of 400 pace 26 seconds)
4 sets weighted (dumbell) lungewalk
3 sets SLDL
3 sets chins

Day 2 Recovery/Core
Intervals on treadmill (20 minutes with 12mph intervals for 30-45 seconds)
6-8 sets abs and medball work

Day 3 - Max V/Accel
4 x flying 20s with 40 meter runup, max-V for 20m and float for 20
4 x 30 meter accels

Day 4 - Weights
3 sets leg press
3 sets Bench
3 sets Rear delt (rotator work)
3 sets Standing shoulder press
3 sets Dips

Day 5 - Active REST

Day 6 - Hills
2 x 6 x 50 meter hills (fairly steep in spikes)
cooldown and stretching

Day 7 - REST

Too much? Too little? 31 years old

(~195 pounds at 6 feet tall) Currently guesstimating times in the 12.0 FAT range for 100m and 24.XX in 200. (I might have a high 11 second FAT in me right now)

I work full time (60 hours a week) so training time and especially recovery is limited.

I might actually cut it down to two sessions a week and rotate hills with power every other micro. (Keep the max V in place and maybe short hills but extend them to about 80 meters)

Thoughts appreciated.

I ran 12.05 FAT last year on a bad hamstring with little training.

This year I am much stronger (pretty much fully recovered) and have been consistent with weights and treadmill work.

Looks pretty good. I would be careful about the spikes on the hills. The hills are tough on the achilles and lets not forget our nasty little friend plantar faciitis…

Good work!

haha thanks :slight_smile:

I actually had that almost 2 years ago from soccer. What a bitch to recover from!

I am thinking that if I get two great speed/weight sessions in a week and maybe one other recovery session I’d be doing pretty well.

I need to see the schedule of meets for this summer. I CANT WAIT TO RUN!! :slight_smile:

Remember to make sure the accels are done before the flys.

Shouldnt I do the max V work when I am freshest?

I’d still do accels as part of the warmup but I was thinking the starts I could do at the end?


In my opinion NO.
If you are doing accels as part of your warmup cut it a bit short and then do your starts. They will warm you up even more. Although flying sprints are more taxing on the nervous system you want to do the most technical drills/runs first which in your case would be starts. If you do them after the max v. sprints are you are tired you won’t be able to focus and wont get the same effect whereas your goal is to practice starting technique.

ahh that is interesting! thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


" What do you think? Probably going to be 200/400 more so than 100/200."

Based on this statement you may want to add some 300’s to your Monday program especially if you move out to 400 meters. Everything else seems to be o.k.


What about something like this:

2 x (300 x 200) with 4 minutes rest between reps and 10 minutes between sets?



I think that will work for you.

I think that’s too much - 2 x (300 x 200) that would be 120km and take you 2 x 20 hours

Just a joke - I know you meant +

Program looks very good to me.

LOL! Thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

That is more a LONG to DEAD program the way it is written there :wink:

Rest intervals seem a little short.

For what component? The intervals are pure lactic work at the beginning.

Are you referring to the speedwork?


looks good for a 400 meter runner.

I guess SpeedKills means the

It’s a form of intensive tempo and in fact it would be VERY intensive.

If your current level for 100% 200m is ~24.00 that would mean 200 at 26 secs is about 92,5%.
If I compare that to the “80s East German” programms for intensive tempo 3 min rest seems too short.
Examples (total distance varies with level of athlete of course) for 200m lactic work would be:
2x4x200 w.5min break; 10-15 min between sets at 80% (I3)
4x200 w. 10 min break @90% (I2)

emphasis on one would follow the other following the progression of season in a long-to-short…

But of course it depends on what you are trying to achieve - all I’d say is that 4x200m @ 92.5% with 3 min rest only is VERY intensive tempo…did you try it already - how does it feel?

I did the workout last year and it was VERY hard but not impossible.

Times were 26.8, 27.0, 27.2, 28.0 (died on the last rep) but this was in flats in freezing weather (all bundled up)

I’ll probably start this session in the beginning of the year and shoot for ~28 seconds for each at first and then progress down to the 26 range.

goal is to keep them consistent and on back half 200 pace target.

I’ll have to adjust this of course depending on how strong/fast/fit I am after GPP :slight_smile:

I am not opposed to extending the rest interval between reps slightly but I want to murder my lactic system with this workout. Get used to running fast in pain. :slight_smile:

ok, i don’t want to be picky, but the difference between 26.00 and 28.00 in that context is sg. like 92.5% and 85% :wink:

the other question is if you can manage once (and it kills you) or you kill yourself once a week…and might build up fatigue…

anyhow, if you’re interested in lactic training with intensive tempo I can scan a page out of a german sprint book with sample sets from 80% to 100%. It contains all the lactic levels im mmol etc.

these guys from the east were so “scientific” they said they could predict an athletes 400m time quite accurate by testing the lact. values of their athletes over certain distances/tests.

I did never post these things, because that lactic tolerance training stuff is very much against the CFTS :wink:

It was mainly kitkat and jeanpierre introducing these topics in that great 400m thread.

Sorry if I wasnt clear my target time was high 26 second range. (26.8) So I was within 3-4 tenths between reps except for the last one. Timer error could account for some of the variation in the good reps.

I’d love to see that lactic workout if you have time to scan it :slight_smile:


Sorry, could not get access to a scanner, yet - but that’s the exact copy in text (with some German terms translated to English - I guess that’s better anyway…)

Standard Programs General:

Intensity sets x reps x distance set breaks/rep breaks lactate

Low Intensity (50-70%):
2x5x150m (1min/5min) 6 mmol/L
3x1000m (5min) 6 mmol/L

2x5x100m (5min/12min) 10mmol/L
3x400m (10min) 12-14mmol/L

2x3x80m (10min/20min) 12mmol/L
2x3x100m (10min/20min) 12mmol/L

2x80m (15-20min) 12-14mmol/L

guidlines for distances per training session in km:

Intensity 1st year 2nd year 3rd year short/long sprint 4th year short/long
95-100% 0.2 0.3 0.4/0.5 0.5/0.6
90-95% 0.5 0.6 0.8/1.0 0.9/1.0
75-90% 1.2 1.5 1.6/2.0 1.8/2.0
50-70% 1.5 2.0 2.0/2.5 2.5/3.5
steady 3.5 3.7 4.5/4.5 5.0/6.0
15min 15min 30min 30min

I’ll post Standard Programs for U23 EC or WC athletes for short and long sprint