Critique my football off-season routine

Bench Press - 6x2@90%
Incline DB Press - 4x6,4,4,2
One Arm DB Row - 3x6
Military Press - 3x5
Pullups - 3xfailure
Abs - 100 reps

Power Clean - 3x3 (work to 3rm, following weeks go for Pr’s)
Squat - 3x5@85%
Bulgarian Split Squat - 3x6
Deadlift - 3x4
Grip Work

Incline Bench Press - 4x4@65% of Flat Bench Max
Flat DB Bench Press - 3x12,10,8
Wide Grip Chin Ups - 3xfailure
Bradford Press - 3x5
Bent Over BB Rows - 3x6
Weighted Abs

Hang Clean - 3x5@70% or P.C. PR from tuesday
Box Squat - 4x4@85%
Lunges - 3x5
Trap Bar Deadlift - 3x3
Grip Work

-Stretch everyday and 2x’s on lifting day

-Plyometrics done on Lowerbody Days

-Speed Workout done on Upperbody Days

My plyo workout will be a program from the VJB by kelly baggett. Speed program will be:
Hills - 4x15 yards
Mountain Climber Starts - 4x10 yards
Flying 20’s - 4x10yards+20 flying
40 yard dash - 2

no need to do pc, bsq and dl. no need to dl twice a week. do ur speed and plyos on ur lower body days and train lower body mon/thur, upper tue/fri. also just a lil tip dont take pieces of workouts and glue them together, kelly plyos are great but the volume may be too much for what you doing. it also look like you have 2 max strength days for the upper body, no need to do two max days.

Monday: speed and plyos
Power Clean - 3x3 (work to 3rm, following weeks go for Pr’s)
Squat - 3x5@85%
Bulgarian Split Squat - 3x6
Grip Work

tue: tempos or rest
Bench Press - max effort
Incline DB Press - 4x6,4,4,2
One Arm DB Row - 3x6
rear raises or any kind of raises 3x15
Pullups - 3xfailure
Abs - 100 reps

Thurdsday speed and plyos
Hang Clean - 3x5@70% or P.C. PR from tuesday
Box Squat - 4x4@85%
Lunges - 3x5
Grip Work

fri: tempos or rest
Incline Bench Press rep work or speed bp
Wide Grip Chin Ups - 3xfailure
bradford press 3x5
Bent Over BB Rows - 3x6
Weighted Abs

Speed program will be:
mon: acc
10-40m = 300m
for example: rest 1-4mins

thur: acc+max speed
4x30 mout climber starts
4x30 3point
6xflying 20 with 40 acc zone

you might want to try putting all high intensity things on one day. this will allow for the needed recovery between the high intensity sessions. you could split it into a different way however.
Day 1-Track, Plyo/Med Ball Throws, Weights
Day 2-Gen. Fit.
Day 3-Agility/Pos. Spec. Drills, Plyo/Med Ball, Weights (hypertrophy focused session)
Day 4-Gen. Fit.
Day 5-Track, Plyo/Med Ball, Weights
Day 6-Gen. Fit/Rest
Day 7 Rest

now you’re lifting full budy three times per week, getting speed work in three times per week. As for lifting, I’d just keep it simple and throw in a couple of sets for hypertrophy on days 1 and 5, while having day 3 be all about gaining muscle. ie

  1. PC(Although, if it takes too much out of u or ur not very good with the form, you dont have to do this, as sprinting, plyo’s and med balls develop speed as well, but it is a great exercise)
  2. Bench Press(alternate versions or grips every so often so you dont get stale)
  3. Deadlift/Squat (I would say variety is fine, pick which ever one you like to do more)
  4. Upper Back Exercise (some type of row, pull down, or pull up)
  5. Here for size you could throw in a circuit of sorts (ie 2x10-12 DB Bench, DB Row, Bulgarian Squat)
  6. For reps and sets, you want high intensity, low volume for strenth exercises with plenty of rest between (ie. you could start an exercise with 2x2, and build up to 3x3 with that weight in that training pd, then add weight for the PC, Bench, Squat/DL, not to say youre doing a 2 rep max, but something pretty challenging that you wouldnt have a problem lifting without a spotter, but know you could not do 3 times or for an extra set so easily) and for upper back something like 3x6-10.
  7. For sprints, accel would be the focus, so 6-8x20-30m with complete rest, with the addition of 2-4xflying 20-30m (you run in a standing position in football most times) would likely be plenty of work for you (but dont put so much into track you dont have enough to lift, lifting is important for football, not that it isnt for track but takes a bigger role in football training than in track i believe). So a track workout like 2x20m, 6x30m withfull recov for mon, and 4-6x30m, 2-4xflying 20 for fri.
  8. As for agility, i feel the forces put on the joints in drills is too much. Agility is very much so a function of elasticity, and the ability to absorb force. Both can be trained with plyo’s and medballs, but i prefer to use medballs to develop elasticity, and plyos for force absorbtion (although both qualities will still be trained, i prefer to pick exercises that lean towards one). Doing position specific things (ie if you’re a Wide out, running a low volume of routes), would be a big help, but dont do too much because I still feel the forces on the joints or feet for an extended period of time will spell disaster. As well, you can get indirect fitness/conditioning/agility work with basketball on this day if you wish
  9. Again, I’m a fan of high intensity, low volume, so for plyo’s and medballs, id say 20 reps each (ie for box jumps 4x5 onto the highest box you can handle, 4x5 of med ball throw with a heavier weight)
  10. The hypertrophy day is pretty simple, I used to do Upper Press 2x10-12, Upper Pull-2x10-12, Lower-2x10-12, DB Press-2x12-14, DB Pull-2x12-14, Unilateral Lowerbody-2x12-14. I did all exercises one after the other, with only abs for rest between sets and exercises, it is pretty taxing on the muscles if you go at it hard (i got up to 50 abs between sets, a bit much as the break gets extended, but because youre still exercising its hard to recover, so this day offers gen. fitness).
  11. As for general fitness on the between days, low intensity exercise that gets the blood flowing into the muscles and joints to help them recover and regenerate and to build basic aerobic capacity(important for recovering between bouts of work). Something easy and extended like tempo work or bw circuit work. I like to go a little harder on this to try and further gen. fit. on day 6, as you have day 7 completely off and will surely be recov. by day 1.
  12. On last thing, it gen. takes 24 hours to recov. from musc. things, and 48 for high int.
  13. Also, whats you age, training age, height, weight, position, VJ, SLJ, 40(not all that important for football, but gives an idea of ur accell ability), Maxes on all of the lifts? And what does your warm up look like?

he dont have to put all high int on one day, its ok to lift 4times per week.

tamfb and numba56 have given some great advice. Great posts guys.

I didnt say it wasnt, I know it isnt gospel, I just gave my opinion and the reasons behind it, thats all

yeh i understand, i wanted to try and keep as much of his input as possible.

Whats the reasoning for changing days? I like to start week with upperbody. Tamfb there is no DLing in there, The second upper day really isn’t max strength either.

i would rather do lower body with speed first in the week. whats the point with starting with upper body, who cares about how much you bp or how big ur arms are. you dont need to dl every week, if you must dl drop the bsq also remember you pc and the dl is the first phase of the clean. both of ur days are max strength anytime its 90+ its max effort, if you must bp heavy twice a week keep it in the 80-85%. after all its ur program and you ask us for our thoughts - do what u know best.